1. B

    E10M20-T1 performance

    If I mount the E10M20-T1 card inside my RS1221+ can I experiment a poor performance? My NAS has a 8x Pcie 3.0 slot but only a 4x link. Thanks in advance.
  2. C

    VM performance

    Anyone upgraded from a 916+ to a 920+? I installed Windows 10 into a VM on my 916+ with 8 GB RAM and a SSD and it "works", slow but OK, i do NOT need it for real work. The CPU in the 920+ is 2-3 times faster than then one of the 916+. Do you feel/see the speed difference in the VM?
  3. jeyare

    Info Backblaze HDD stats Q2/2020

    Look here: I will prepare some deep outcomes based on historical BB stats. Some interesting points: - they don’t have SAS drives in their storage farm - no WD drives (except HGST) - no top enterprise level drives in major share - just spindle mentioned