1. S

    DSM 7.1 Can't delete files using dupeguru due to permission issue

    Hi, good people here in the community. Recently I installed docker and tried to run Dupeguru using it. However, while dupeguru runs fine in the browser, I can not delete any duplicate file using dupeguru. While deleting a file, dupeguru shows the below error message. "permission denied on...
  2. H

    Is there any way to give permission to 1 user for specific folder?

    Hey everyone. I have trouble about giving permission to 1 user. I have only 1 shared folder in my NAS network and under this shared folder lots of folders in it. But i want to give permission to specific users for some folders. F.e. user 1 can ony r/w abc folder, user 2 can only r/w def folder...
  3. C

    Active Directory - user with permission to control only one group (using RSAT)

    Hello, I want to create a user in a domain using RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools on Windows 10) that will have the permission to create, edit and delete users for only one group. Can someone tell me how to do it?
  4. D

    Plex Permission error - Couldn't check for the existence of file

    I could do with some help trobleshooting this error in my plex install v. Plex is not able to access my tv/movie directories. I've added the "plex" user on my synology to all user groups, and given it read/write access to every volume on the synology and still no joy. I also...
  5. Danny van Spreuwel

    Playback files without permission to acces Video Station

    Hi, I use Video Station permission to let a user playback video from a link. This is possible by giving them access to The Video Station application. But I like to deny the acces to the Video Station home page. Is that possible? When disabling the Video Station application for a user it is not...
  6. nthkmf

    How to backup NAS to NAS with all the settings, files permission and more?

    Dear Bro, I face this sittuation: My customer have an old NAS and a new NAS. He want to move all datas, settings and files permission to new one. Any idea or case study? Thank you. Regards, Học Nguyễn
  7. G

    Activebackupforbusiness share permission

    Hello, I'd like to know which are the best settings for Activebackupforbusiness share. I'd like to give full permission to Active Backup software but nothing or readonly to all the users mapped on the NAS, to avoid ransomwares to reach and crypt the folder. Is this possible?
  8. pajczur

    Permission that allows to delete but does not allow to read

    Hello, I have a DS220j, and I am the administrator. I would like to create shared folder for my friend that he could use as a data storage. And I want to make him sure his data are private and can be read only by him. But due to fact I am the administrator I still want to be able to manage his...
  9. S

    Read Only Permission Web Interface

    Hi All, Is it possible to give a user read only access to the Synology web management portal? I specifically want to allow a user to be able to log into the web portal and view the Beep Control options under Hardware & Power as I need the user to be able to check what the cause of the beep is...
  10. Shadow

    Permission denied while trying to bind mount a persistent volume....

    I'm trying to simply deploy a container while using the -v flags to mount persistent data from my Synology 'Docker' share into the container. I get below error: Running other containers on this exact same way goes without problems.. Even this doesn't work... Anyone has any tips for me...?
  11. dog_fun

    Solved direct access to Drive

    Hi :) I want to create a user with access to the Drive without being able to go "somewhere else" or to see the diskstation home page; only specific folders in the Drive. Most people would say to share a link to the folders, but it would be better to have the login page (username/password) for...