1. pajczur

    Permission that allows to delete but does not allow to read

    Hello, I have a DS220j, and I am the administrator. I would like to create shared folder for my friend that he could use as a data storage. And I want to make him sure his data are private and can be read only by him. But due to fact I am the administrator I still want to be able to manage his...
  2. S

    Read Only Permission Web Interface

    Hi All, Is it possible to give a user read only access to the Synology web management portal? I specifically want to allow a user to be able to log into the web portal and view the Beep Control options under Hardware & Power as I need the user to be able to check what the cause of the beep is...
  3. Shadow

    Permission denied while trying to bind mount a persistent volume....

    I'm trying to simply deploy a container while using the -v flags to mount persistent data from my Synology 'Docker' share into the container. I get below error: Running other containers on this exact same way goes without problems.. Even this doesn't work... Anyone has any tips for me...?
  4. dog_fun

    Solved direct access to Drive

    Hi :) I want to create a user with access to the Drive without being able to go "somewhere else" or to see the diskstation home page; only specific folders in the Drive. Most people would say to share a link to the folders, but it would be better to have the login page (username/password) for...