1. B

    DSM 7.0 "Transmission" Torrent Client USB Flash Drive Permissions

    Hi all, Hoping someone can assist. I've recently upgraded my DS220J to DSM 7.0. I was previously using the excellent "Deluge" port from SynoCommunity, but since DSM 7.0 has merged Python 3.0 into its own system, Deluge no longer is functional. As a result I have successfully installed...
  2. M

    Synology Photos, ghost files, cache, permissions and indexing

    Hi. I am a long time happy user of Photo Station. I liked the control it gave me over my users and all our pictures. I am used to organize and manipulate files via generic file browsers and File Station. I get uncomfortable whenever software tries to outsmart me and organize stuff behind my...
  3. fredbert

    DSM 7.0 Bug? LDAP user/group permissions merged with DSM user/group of same name

    I have joined my NAS to LDAP Server so that I have a second set of accounts. The DSM local user/group is the main one used for virtually everything, while LDAP is for second accounts used for Mail Server (to hide the .Maildir folder which would be visible in File Station), and VPN Server and...
  4. G

    Map shared drive to sub folder with permissions

    I have just moved all my files from a windows server to our synology. I'm now trying to get my mappings and permissions set up. What I would like to do is have a share that is multiple sub folders deep to be the only thing a certain user can access. \\server\folderA\folderB\ThisFolder The...
  5. L

    Struggling with permissions in DSM using Docker

    Hi all, I'm using my DS218+ mainly as a media center, and recently I've set up Docker and I'm running Syncthing (amazing!) to sync files from a remote seedbox to my NAS, and then Filebot to rename and move the files to my Plex directories. This was all working fine before, but I decided to...