1. BobW

    Where did move the personal playlist-folder too in DSM 7.0?

    Hi, Does anyone know where Synology moved the personal playlist folder too in DSM 7.0? In DSM 6.2.* it was in /usr/syno/etc/preference/[user] But in DSM 7.0 it isn't there anymore. I need to copy my users playlist to the new DS920 (with DSM 7.0) from my DS916 (with DSM 6.2.4). If anyone has a...
  2. M

    DSM 7.0 Treating personal photos (in the home area) as a syncronised (Team) folder

    Under DSM 7 the photos app now stores all backed up personal photos in the home area parallel \ alongside the Drive folder. This is actually a great idea, keeping them separate from your drive folder. You can sync the Drive folder fine, just not the photo folder under your home area? However I...
  3. W

    Personal wallpaper keeps reverting to default

    My personal wallpaper on my DS920+ keeps reverting to the default blue one every time I log back in again. Any idea what's going on?
  4. wwwampy

    Docker Firefly III - self-hosted manager for your personal finances

    "Firefly III" is a self-hosted financial manager. It can help you keep track of expenses, income, budgets and everything in between. It supports credit cards, shared household accounts and savings accounts. It’s pretty fancy. You should use it to save and organise money. Official website...