photo station

  1. M

    Photo setup

    Hello, I am looking for recommendations and help creating a photo backup/sharing setup. I have read several discussions without finding a definitive answer so I decided to register and create a new thread. The situation: Family of four, two young kids, 8 and 6, so just starting to take their own...
  2. S

    Photo Station 6 Folder Preferences

    I've repeatedly tried, using the preferences in settings, to get Photo Station to show albums (folders) in filename sequence. But everytime I log in it reverts to a sequence that I think is based on album(folder) creation date. Is this a bug? Thanks
  3. G

    Photo station with reverse proxy in use

    Is anyone using photo station, and reverse proxy?
  4. N

    Can't load PhotoStation on DSM6

    I can't seem to load the browser-based photo station UI in DSM6. I get the error: When I login using psql -U postgres and then execute \du, I see the right users/roles: Everything else works, ie. mail station, download station, Moments, etc. it's just PhotoStation that does not. The same...
  5. N

    Permissions curiosity

    Hi People, I have a bit of a strange one I'm not sure how to track down - or what I did to create the problem in the first place for that matter. I use a Task Scheduler rsync job to back up my Photostation shared folder to a secondary Synology. The statement reads; /usr/bin/rsync -a...
  6. phskwok

    Home Video files stored under “Photo” folder not visible on TV (DLNA)

    My home video files are stored under the Photo folder of DSM rather than under the Video folder which are only reserved for downloaded movies. When accessing the mapped Photo folder in Windows 10 or Photo Station, all home video files therein are visible and playable. However when accessing...
  7. Telos

    Question Photo Station DDNS URL Problem

    When I launch Photo Station from the DSM desktop, it loads my DDNS URL, and goes nowhere... For example... hxxps:// The source of problem is that I have set a reverse proxy for the NAS login as such: hxxps:// > hxxps://NAS_IP:NAS_HTTPS_Port Hence...
  8. NAS Newbie

    I did a dumb thing: Photo Station fighting w/ Moments

    So I was curious about Photo Station and wanted to play around with it. Before I get to the problem I have to give some background: I have 2 users set up for myself: an admin user (NewbieAdmin) and then my everyday user (Newbie). NewbieAdmin can do all the admin stuff, while Newbie has...
  9. K

    Solved Photo Station: no image information

    After a couple of days summer vacation, I uploaded about 300 images to 3 new folders in Photo Station using Photo Station Uploader running on a Win 10 PC. Unfortunately, all these images in Photostation show "null" in every image info except filename and resolution. The result is that images...
  10. D

    Browsing photos in photo station or moments

    Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a Synology NAS and have some questions about how a guest user could browse a folder containing photos and videos. I would envisage that a search function would be possible within either photo station or moments. I have tried the live demo of DSM but it is still...
  11. gannugood

    Can you upload folders of photos into Photo Station?

    Hi Guys I am new to Synology and am setting up my DS218Play. Primarily taking advantage of the COVID situation to sort my files. I decided to use PhotoStation as I fell it gives me more control. The folder structure on my PC is well organised and I have now moved (using USB Copy) all my photos...
  12. T

    Synchronization between 2 NAS with "homes", shares, video station, photo station ...

    Hello, I'm looking to synchronize 2 Synology NAS (1813+ et 1817). Using Synology Drive ShareSync, synchronization of shared directories works perfectly BUT: - impossible to synchronize users' "homes" directories - impossible to synchronize the configurations of the video station, photo...
  13. C

    Question about Photo Station folders

    Just tried DS Photo and Photostation and it looks good. Problem is it only wants to save to a specific folder called "Photo" on the NAS. I am using Synology drive to sync all my photos from my pc but it wont let me store those photos in the same folder that photo station uses. How can i link...
  14. J

    Solved SSL Certificate for LAN

    For several reasons I do not expose my Synology NAS DiskStation to the Internet and only run Photo Station for LAN users: URL: https://nas.lan/photo local IP segment: When they connect, they all get a warning, that the connection is suspicious and the certificate is not valid...