1. G

    Get Contacts via PHP

    Hello :) I searching for a solution to get all contacts from Synology Contacts via PHP. But I can't find a working solution. can anybody help me? Tanks !!
  2. B

    php script with mssql and mysqli - cannot run from command line

    I have a php script that used mysqli and mssql (as in php version 5.6) When I run the script from a browser it runs fine (WebStation). But if I run it from either a terminal command line or run it as a user-defined scheduled script (in Task Scheduler) it returns mysqli and mssql not found...
  3. RoCaRay

    Start DSM Media Re-Indexing from PHP App

    I use a home-brew PHP application to manage media files, including the movement of .mkv and .m4v video files within DSM's indexed 'video' folder. The PHP apps run on the same server as the media files, under Web Station / Apache. Unfortunately, files moved using PHP 'rename' do not trigger...
  4. M

    PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function posix_getpid()

    How can I solve this error ? p.s posix were already on in php setting