1. DeltaGolf

    Question Why put phpMyAdmin and MariaDB in a Docker?

    I've worked out how to install Nextcloud using Docker. I want to reinstall and use MariaDB rather than the 'built-in' SQLite which comes with Nextcloud. MariaDB and phpMyAdmin are available as Synology packages. But I see folk here recommending to use them via Docker, to have three containers...
  2. M

    Solved Me again......This time its phpMyAdmin

    Hello all, I thought what a lovely day with the sun out, I'd sit inside and try and continue setting up NextCloud / MariaDB /phpMyAdmin in Docker. As you may know, I've managed to install (with the help of you all) MariaDB and Nextcloud, however I still have phpMyAdmin to go. Now with this...
  3. feyhoaaa


    Hi guys, Want to run discourse forum on my NAS as a pet project. So I want to install it all with the help of Docker. 1. I installed MariaDB first with the additional variable in Environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD. And ports 3307:3306. Container works well. 2. Want to connect it with PhpMyAdmin...