1. Shadow

    Port forwarding to another subnet doesn't work?

    So euhm. Have I noticed yet another shamefull limitation on Synology products? Seems that port forwarding to a device that's not in the same subnet doesn't work on Synology routers....
  2. Imcon

    How to set DSM that Office create correct Share-link with port

    I'd like to ask for a help. We use Office/Drive and we share the documents in the Office suite. The problem is that the share link created is missing the port, necessary for the connection. Example of the created share file link (not real one just an example), which does not works...
  3. P

    NordVPN QuickConnect vs Port Forwarding

    Hi there, So I have recently purchased my first ever NAS - a DS218+. I use this to record off two surveillance cameras amongst other things. Now I had initially connected my NAS to NordVPN with whom I have a subscription with anyway. I was accessing my DS Cam app using quick connect (this is...
  4. josh

    Changed Port Forwarding for DSM

    Hello, When I first added a custom domain and Let's Encrypt cert to my DS418play for DSM remote access, I used the default ports 5000 and 5001, and on my RT2600ac I added port forwarding for 5000 to 5000 and 5001 to 5001. At the time I needed help via the Synology Forum and received the advice...
  5. jono

    Connect to DSM via port 443?

    I can connect to a DiskStation through one of my domains with an SSL certificate (https://mydomain.com:5001). I have to have port 443 open in order to get/renew the certificate from Let's Encrypt and wondered if there's any reason why I shouldn't also use that port to connect to DSM on that...