1. NSquirrel

    Verifying Ports used from iPhone to NAS

    I would like to verify my inbound remote access VPN (OpenVPN) path through to a file or folder on my NAS from my iPhone/iPad (or possibly from WIndows 10 through the iPhone and back in via the router). In verifying the path I would like to list both the IP addresses used and, more importantly...
  2. B

    port forwarding from the NAS through VPN to another server on OpenVPN client side

    Hi there, I've set up successfully DDNS + OpenVPN on my Synology DS215J / DSM 7 . Internet Access "on the go" is working well. Additionally I want to route specific ports through the NAS to a server, which is connected through the OpenVPN. Meaning: I want to call DDNS:5xxx, which should be...
  3. ric0ric

    Netgear GS110EMX not accepting connection to NAS 1621+ on 10Gbe ports

    I installed a 10Gbe card in my NAS and added a Sonnet 10Gbe from thunderbolt to my iMac. It all worked fine albeit at 1Gbe speed. Then today I replaced my 1Gbe Netgear switch for a GS110EMX having 8 1Gbe port and 2 10 Gbe ports. If I connect via the slower ports all works fine albeit at the...
  4. P

    How to change ports on DSM to use custom ports

    Can we change the ports on the DSM For Snapshot Replication from 5566 to 9966 https: from 5000 to 9876 http: from 5001 to 9875
  5. D

    Rear USB Ports Problem ?

    I have a DS1019 with two WD External HDD’s connected to each of the rear USB ports, but one of the USB ports seems to loose connection at times, is this a hardware fault ?
  6. Phone Guy

    Having 4x 1gbe ports link aggregation pc&nas improve transfer speeds?

    I'm a little unclear. I have a ds1621+ with 4x 1gbe ports, link aggregated to my netgear managed switch. If get a 4 port nic for my pc and do the same for them, create a 4x 1gbe link aggregation on my switch (same switch the nas is plugged into) would I then effectively get 4gbe between the pc...
  7. wizard99

    Unknown Ports Auto-Opened

    Recently moved from a 215J to a 920+ and have added just a few packages so far such as PLEX and Moments / Photos. While checking the Port Forwarding page on my 2600 to eventually delete the unneeded Open Ports assigned from the old 215J, I discovered 16 individually assigned Open Ports for the...
  8. johntdavis

    RT2600ac Set MTU? Set MTU separately for ethernet ports and wifi? VLAN Support?

    Two questions: Is it possible to set the MTU to 9000 (Jumbo Frames) on the RT2600ac? Put aside for the moment whether it's a good idea. I have devices on my internal network that could theoretically benefit from doing it, so I'm curious. Neither Automatic nor Manual mode in Network Center -->...
  9. L

    DSM 7.0 Will DSM7 allow specific apps or ports to route through a specific Network Interface / VPN?

    Will DSM finally add this much needed, much requested feature? No clue why Synology has ignored the user base and not added this in DSM6
  10. NAS Newbie

    If I change DSM default ports, does that disable the default port access for mobile apps?

    So I'm still poking around my network trying to understand all the ports and how they're interacting. Eventually I'll get some reverse proxies set up, but I want to make sure I clearly understand what is going on at the base level before moving on. I had DSM set on the default 5000/5001 ports...
  11. NAS Newbie

    How do you choose your DSM network ports?

    I keep reading to change it from the default 5000/5001 to make it more difficult for bad guys to find my stuff. I know where to change the port; my question is how do you go about selecting a different number? I don't want to accidentally pick a port number that is even more common than 5000/5001.
  12. WST16

    Info Outbound ports tester

    This kind gentleman is running a simple website that allows you to test if outbound ports are open by listening to them. Very useful when you need to know if your ISP is blocking an outbound port you’re trying to use (like SMTP, port 25 for mail server outbound traffic for example). Note the...
  13. D

    Question Change default 443/80 ports - easy or not so much

    As noted here I am trying to use a service provided by Ubiquity for managing their devices called UNMS. I've set it up on my NAS, but have been blocked from connecting to the router from UNMS, and Ubiquity support seemed to think that using non-standard ports (required to avoid conflicting...
  14. NSquirrel

    Ports 5000 and 5001 and DS-Apps

    On my iPhone and iPad I have several DS apps: photo, file, audio, video, finder. My router is a BT Smart Hub, although I think this is not important, as such. I can access the router via xxxx.synology.me - i.e. externally rather than internally via Wifi for this post. Additionally, again...
  15. WST16

    Info Common ports

    According to a networking utility I’m using, all of the below are considered common ports. Avoid using them unless you must (e.g. 25, 80, 443). 1, 7, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 42, 43, 53, 69, 79, 80, 88, 106, 110, 111, 113, 115, 119, 123, 135, 137, 138, 139, 143, 161, 177, 194, 311, 379, 389, 427...