1. SynoMan

    Guide How to use CODE or ICODE to post codes?

    CODE tag It is desirable to use the CODE tag to publish the codes (i.e. docker-compose in YAML). It displays text in one of several programming languages, highlighting the syntax where possible. In the text editor search for this button (or type ...): Click on it and a pop-up will open...
  2. vivian

    Webhooks to post Alerts/Messages on to Discord

    Has anyone tried this yet? I keep getting a message to set "Hello World" I have tried various combinations but in vain. Hoping someone on the forum has successfully set up Discord notifications. I would get emails for each system/docker/vm error. Just wanted all of those on the Discord server.
  3. fredbert

    Info Blog post to install Docker (CLI) on DS220j

    Over at the Other Place there's a post that details how to install Docker binaries on a DS220j, being an ARM 7 32-bit device. It seems an interesting prospect and I see @Telos is already aware. My concern when looking at the extract tarball of binaries is that they all are assigned 'rwxrwxrwx'...
  4. SynoMan

    Info Why I can't post in DSM 7 section?

    As you may notice all threads in DSM 7 section are closed and no replies or new threads are allowed. Please, choose any other appropriate section or subforum and make sure to choose the right prefix for the DSM version (if available):
  5. M

    Unable to Post Videos to Moments

    Are you “allowed” to upload videos to Moments? I tried to upload videos from my cell phone using the app and each time it failed but I turned around and was able to upload a picture. Just looking for some answers!
  6. NAS Newbie

    Another RAM upgrade post - my RS1219+ is getting low

    So my RS1219+ came with 2GB ram, and I am always using over 50% of it and quite often maxing it out. Looking at other ram posts, Crucial was a commonly recommended company, but according to their website they apparently don't have anything that is compatible with the RS1219+? Memory RAM & SSD...
  7. melvyn

    First NAS - newbie - specific requirements - long post!

    This will be my first step into NAS land! TLDR: replace 3 purpose-use external hard drives, dropbox, adobe access, and daily backups. I have a few MUSTS and a few WANTS, cost conscious (but also saving by removing some existing services) MUSTS - must replace dropbox - I pay for it, want to...
  8. W

    Troubleshooting TeamViewer error - where should I post?!

    I get an "ActiveX controls" error the first time I open File Station in any given TeamViewer session to my DS920+. It worked without this issue the first month or so after I bought the NAS, then this started happening consistently. I've tried reinstalling TeamViewer on the NAS but it made no...
  9. SynoMan

    Implemented Would you like to see post content in email notification?

    As the title said. Please envolve in the poll. Thank you.