1. D

    Docker Postgres: FATAL Database Files are incompatible with server

    I am using Postgres with FreshRSS, installed via a portainer stack. I have Watchtower running, and a day or two ago, I started getting the fatal error. I'm assuming that postgres updated to a new version (a risk using Watchtower, I understand!). I changed the stack to use PostGres 13 image and...
  2. Rusty

    Docker Tornote - Self-destructing notes (Docker)

    Short tutorial for running Tornote docker image. Using this image Docker Hub you can set up and run Tornote, a simple self-destructing note environment. You will need a PostgresDB instance running with a database of your choice and a user with R/W permissions. Considering that there is no...
  3. fredbert

    Docker FreshRSS: A free, self-hostable news feed aggregator

    Why use RSS news feeds? By selecting the RSS feeds you subscribe to, you control who puts items in your timeline the order in which you view them no adverts inserted by the service provider By using a RSS aggregator service you can access your feeds from multiple devices and keep them...