1. S

    Power outage roasted router--new router causing access problem with NAS

    Morning All, We had multiple power outages yesterday and they roasted my Linksys MX5300 mesh router. My Linksys set behind my service provider's router/modem (it was in bridge mode) so I removed my Linksys and began setting up my network with the ISP's router-modem (it is also a mesh router). I...
  2. Phone Guy

    Restart or power cycle during volume creation

    During the first time volume creation, which usually takes 20 hrs? If the system was accidentally restarted or power cycled, should I wipe the drives and start the process again or does it pick up where it left off and will be ok?
  3. M

    DSM 6.2 RAID 1 volume crash after power outage. Need advice.

    Hi! After moving my NAS to a different location, it turns out they do have power outages weekly... As a result NAS doesn't work properly after forth power outage. Setup: DS918+ with DSM 6.2 4+4 GB RAM (upgraded with official Synology RAM) No SSD cache 4x Seagate IronWolf 4TB (all formatted...
  4. SynoMan

    Mitigating Attacks Against Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Devices

  5. animBacker857

    Do I actually need a NAS if I don't use it 24/7?

    I was about to press the purchase button on a Synology NAS I've been eyeing, but decided to do some extra thinking just before committing to justify the cost. From research it seems NASs prefer to be mostly left on 24/7 (please correct me if wrong), which got me wondering. Is a NAS really the...
  6. E

    DS1019+ Shutdown with Power Message During Data Scrubbing After Replacing a Drive

    This question is open with Synology Support but it's a little slow and I need to make I don't have more serious issues on the way. I started getting a Synology_NAS was shutdown improperly while running a Data Scrubbing after replacing an 8TB drive with a 16TB drive, both Seagate Ironwolf. I...
  7. Compstuff

    Replacement Power Adapter for DS216+II - CWT CAD065121

    Hell Everyone, I am going nuts trying to find a quality AC adapter that replaces the CWT CAD065121 for DS216+II . It's a 12v, 65W, 5.4A, 5.5x2.1mm but when I search Amazon, Google, Ebay, etc... the units are really bad when you actually read the reviews. I am kicking myself for losing my...
  8. Jan Janowski

    Looking for a bad 4 pin NAS power supply

    If anyone has a non-functional 120VAC NAS 4 pin power supply that does not work any more, that you are planning on tossing out…… I would like to examine it for possible repair. I’d be willing to pay shipment of dead unit to me. If it is fixable I’ll document what was found bad, and what parts I...
  9. F

    Forcing Power Cuts on a DS213J

    Hi, What's the one off or ongoing impact of killing the power on the DS213J without doing a proper shutdown. It's not that I always want to do it, but I want to do it pretty frequently and I'm curious about any impact. I know it's the wrong action and the guides and experts will advise proper...
  10. I

    DS1512+ in suspend mode after power outage tripped UPS

    note: i posted similar note in "DSM 7.0 Another DSM7 regression: UPS" thread. might have been wrong place to post so i try here. my house had power outage and my ups's went online. power came back before UPS's shutdown. however, the ds1512+ has stayed in suspend mode..i've rebooted it twice...
  11. Robbie

    Faster Network & Save Money?

    A few external prompts to reorganise my home network - my 10 GbE switch failed, I installed a larger rack, NASA left home (aka my daughter - a subnet in her own right) and I had moved a couple of wifi APs, enabling me to delete / repurpose an AP. First task - find every item on the network and...