privilege gain

  1. Jan Janowski

    Threat Prevention Setting in TP: Attempted User Privilege Gain that causes ZOOM to go nuts...

    In (TP Self Defined Policy/Class-Signature/Attempted User Privilege Gain area.... There is a rule: GPL SQL Probe Response Overflow Attempt that is originally sett as: DO NOTHING... in it's rule... BUT.. IF SET FOR DROP..... It causes ZOOM to have intermittant drops of audio and video...
  2. wizard99

    Firewall Exception to Eliminate "User Privilege Gain" Alerts from VoIP

    I've enacted all the Security recommendations both from the Advisor and from general good practices for the 2600, and have been trying to eliminate as many False Alerts as possible being sent to my In Box. I found my ObI VOIP was the source of Alerts every time I picked up the phone. I...
  3. wwwampy

    Threat Prevention Attempted User Privilege Gain

    Suspicious network event, Attempted User Privilege Gain... Is this something I should be worried about?