1. S

    Power outage roasted router--new router causing access problem with NAS

    Morning All, We had multiple power outages yesterday and they roasted my Linksys MX5300 mesh router. My Linksys set behind my service provider's router/modem (it was in bridge mode) so I removed my Linksys and began setting up my network with the ISP's router-modem (it is also a mesh router). I...
  2. Filbert

    Problem moving to DSM 7 with Logitech Media Server

    I'm trying to move to DSM 7 from 6.2.4 and I get a warning about incomaptible packages and Logitech Media Server is listed and I can't proceed. I used to run LMS as a community package but now I run it under Docker. I thought that the reason to move LMS to Docker was to isolate it from DSM. I...
  3. ahelillo

    3 years of this: Cannot connect to network shares over 10GbE, but WiFi & 1GbE work fine

    Hi, everyone. I’ve been struggling with this for over 3 years and two Macs now. Let me explain: Back in 2019, I had a Mid-2017 iMac. I purchased a Synology DS1819+ with a 10GbE network card, a 10GbE Netgear switch, and a 10GbE Thunderbolt 3 adapter for the iMac. Things were working fine for a...