1. S

    DSM 4.2 - PHP Process body.php

    Hello, I know it is an old Syno (DS409+), DSM (4.2), everything :) But lately it become very slow and it blocks itsels quite often, I will change it. But when I have managed to connect, I saw a lot of processes like this ones running: /usr/bin/php -d safe_mode_exec_dir= body.php /usr/bin/php...
  2. M

    Network lost during the repair process.

    Hi my DS1812+ is full (8 drives), so i've tried to expand the volume capacity, I've removed the smallest drive and replaced by a 14 To drive. During the repair process (at 27% parity check) the network connection has been lost. I can't acces DSM anymore, so i've no way to know if the system...
  3. K

    Nginx ghost process?!

    I'm trying to start a nginx-docker compose service on my NAS but get an error “Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp4 bind: address already in use” It turns out that there are some nginx processes running on my NAS (ps -ef | grep nginx) and I suspect that's where the error comes...
  4. J

    Can The restore process be automated?

    I was an administrator responsible for backups for a large corporation for 25 years and I am very impressed with Active Backup. Every backup package I have ever used or tested always has some caveat, especially when using it for bare-metal restores. I recently restore the boot drive on my laptop...
  5. M

    Barnyard2 process and disk activity

    I am experiencing constant disk access and am not sure how to figure out what process is causing this. The process that seems to be taking the most CPU is called Barnyard2. I can't seem to find out what this does. Any insights would be much appreciated.
  6. SynoMan

    High CPU - kswapd0 process

    Hi all, I have a question about the CPU process called kswapd0. It's constantly high and it pushing up my CPU usage. As you can see my CPU is high most of the time in the day. Expect at night it goes down. I was checking my Task scheduler and there were some integrity checks for my...