In computer networks, a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource available from a different server and the proxy server evaluates the request as a way to simplify and control its complexity. Proxies were invented to add structure and encapsulation to distributed systems.

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  1. C

    Reverse proxy works but not for deeper subdomains ( vs

    The setup is: DS918+ running the latest version of DSM 7 LetsEncrypt certificate are working at all levels and is good for, *, * DNS for resources resolves correctly at all levels The issue: Reverse proxies for any resources on * correctly...
  2. B

    How does Reverse Proxy and Web Station work together

    Are they both Reverse Proxy Services? Are they both using NGINX?
  3. B

    Confused about the VPN

    Good evening, guys, as ransomware is a menace that shouldn't be underestimated I've decided to protect my NAS (Synology DS214play) a little bit more so I've installed the VPN server package. To cut things short, I'll tell you that I've followed the indications contained in the official knowledge...
  4. philthedoc

    PuTTY, Reverse Proxy, and my Raspberry Pi Web Server

    I have a DS920+ and the reverse proxy is doing many good things. I have a Raspberry Pi web server in my local network that's accessible through the NAS reverse proxy no problem. I want to use PuTTY to SSH into the Raspberry Pi from outside my LAN through the reverse proxy using port 443 and...
  5. F

    Which protocol to choose on vpn plus?

    Hello, Considering the absence of wireguard on synology, which protocol to choose and why ? In terms of security and speed Thanks
  6. G

    Synology Reverse Proxy to homer container port 443

    Good day, So I have a Synology NAS hosting a Homer container on port 3030. Using pfSense DNS resolver, I am accessing homer as http://homer.domian.local I want to access homer (and other local applications) with an SSL certificate. In psSense I created root and intermediate CA, imported those...
  7. Cyberwasp

    vpn router setup

    Hey everybody. I finally setup the Synology VPN and can access it from the outside. Unfortunately, my Netgear routers upnp picked up the address plus others making my NAS open to everyone. If I disabled Upnp on the router and put the vpn port in the regular port forwarding, will that resolve...
  8. S

    DSM 7.1 [RT6600ax] Unable to reach internal NAS or printer or IoT devices

    Hi, I am having issues accessing internal devices over VPN. I have four VLAN's on my RT6600ax router 1. Primary Network - Personal Laptops, phones and NAS. Disabled AP isolation 2. Guest Network - Enabled AP isolation 3. IoT network - Has all IoT devices including Homekit devices, TV and...
  9. tekguru

    What am I missing - no internal connection?

    I've just set up the VPN Server using OpenVPN, and I've imported the .ovpn file into OpenVPN on the iPad. I can connect just fine the connection looks valid on the iPad and in the VPN Server connections etc. However what I wanted to do was to access the routers login page ( or...
  10. G

    DSM 7.1 OpenVPN not passing DNS name unless there's a suffix

    I am running openVPN via the VPN Server package on Synology. I have the dns option set to the ip on the dns server (which is basically the router of the remote network). The network is not setup as a domain, but as a workgroup. I am able to ping the host name.workgroup (i.e. test.workgroup)...
  11. R

    VPN install problem

    Hi I purchased DS720+ and migrated data from destroyed DS713+. Everithing works fine, but I can not run VPN server on DS. NAS downloads software, installs it, after instalation takes long time to strat it, but at the end i get info, that server is stoped and it offers repair instalation...
  12. Telos

    A major sucky day... lost access to nginx proxy manager

    How do these things happen? I have had npm docker container running on rpi and all seems well. When I went to log in to add a new RP entry, I get "bad gateway". After updating images, deleting and re-adding the stack, and trying 3 different browsers, all with the same result, I'm flummoxed. I...
  13. gyrene2083

    [?] DNS & Reverse Proxy with One IP

    Good Mornin All, I am hoping I can describe what I am trying to do enough so you all can help me. I have the following; UNRAID Server A Domain name ( I'll call it I use Cloudflare I just set up my Synology, and I installed the DNS server and in the Unraid server I have several...
  14. A

    Can't get reverse proxy working again

    The End Goal To be able to connect to the services that I have hosted through docker via the domain that I own. The Problem Despite continuous checks to make sure everything is in order the connection always times out. It is also worth noting that I had a fully functional reverse proxy setup...
  15. G

    Best proxy - traefik, NPM, SWAG, caddy or other?

    Hi all, I’m a fairly long term linuxserver SWAG user for remote access but for some reason their new dashboard doesn’t work properly on my synology. The proxied apps section is empty - not a big deal as SWAG itself works really well but it’s made me think I should look to see if there’s...
  16. ed.j

    Going mad - reverse proxy using router certificate not NAS certificate

    I can't work out what is going on although I have a hunch or two. This is to access DSM via my website. Received a new router from the ISP and had to make a change or two. My setup is: 1. website uses A record to point to my static IP 2. router forwards the request to my NAS 3. the NAS...
  17. aGraphicz

    Apple Mail not working when OpenVPN it's active

    Hi We use since some months OpenVPN but we are not able to send mails (or to update the incoming mails) when connected to the NAS via VPN. It's something we need to change in the OpenVPN config file? Many thanks in advance
  18. L

    Proxy (not server) configuration for internet access

    Hi all, My DS1819+ (DSM7) sits on a private network with its only access to the internet provided via a proxy server (configured in control panel -> network -> proxy). This seems to work well for things like package center. However, other applications such as hyper backup and third party...
  19. L

    Quickconnect via proxy?

    Hi all, I've just put my diskstation in my office (DSM 7 on a DS1819+), but it sits on a private network there. Its only access to the outside world is via a proxy server at my institution. I've set up the proxy in the control panel, and alot of things work. However, Quickconnect from the...
  20. ed.j

    OTP/2FA not working with Reverse Proxy

    I have managed to set up a reverse proxy, which I am loving. However I can't log into DS Video / Files / Finder apps (on Android) using accounts that have OTP generated by an authenticator app (I use Authy but I presume this is irrelevant). I have tested this by disabling 2FA on a certain...