1. philthedoc

    PuTTY, Reverse Proxy, and my Raspberry Pi Web Server

    I have a DS920+ and the reverse proxy is doing many good things. I have a Raspberry Pi web server in my local network that's accessible through the NAS reverse proxy no problem. I want to use PuTTY to SSH into the Raspberry Pi from outside my LAN through the reverse proxy using port 443 and...
  2. NAS Newbie

    SSH/Terminal tools other than putty for Windows?

    There was a thread a while back about options for command line work besides putty. I can't seem to find that thread now. Any suggestions for a good command line tool for windows?
  3. C

    Sonarr failed to load, trying workaround, but running into error accessing file in putty

    I have an old ds411 that I use sonarr, but after recent updates it 'broke' and will not load the package. I am following some of the steps indicated in the last post here: Sonarr fails to start on Synology after latest package update However, (see screenshot), I am getting permission denied...
  4. Jheroen

    remove cron task using putty

    Hello all, I have a cron task in my nas that isn't showing in the task manager, i want to delete that task using putty. How can i do that? The task is a spotweb cron (ds415) that during a migration became unavailable in the GUI but the security advisor shows that it's still there
  5. SynoMan

    Tutorial How to SSH into a NAS?

    In DSM go to Control Panel > Terminal & SNMP > Terminal tab Check Enable SSH service and set your port (it is strongly recommended not to use port 22, but to change it to something else). Open Terminal (Mac) (on Windows machine open CMD (Command Prompt) or PuTTY program for instance) and...