PXES also known as PXES Universal Linux Thin Client, was created in early 2001 by Diego Torres Milano. PXES is a Linux distribution designed to be run on thin clients using PXE; however, it is also possible to boot PXES from a CD-ROM or hard disk if the NIC or BIOS does not support PXE.
In 2006, The PXES project merged with 2X Software, who are merging PXES with the 2XOS. Distribution of PXES will remain free.

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  1. S

    [Question] How to re-establish PXE booting with Synology NAS

    First of all thank you for your help. I had a system set up for me with Synology NAS to back up my files, and unfortunately I didn't pay close attention to how it was setup. Anyway, I swapped out the primary HDD in the PC with another, and then attempted to switch back and now I get the error...
  2. D

    Tutorial How to PXE Boot Linux & Windows using Syslinux

    This tutorial will walk you through the process of setting up a PXE boot server on your Synology NAS. By the end of this guide you should be able to boot any legacy PC from your NAS into Linux or Windows. I might consider adding UEFI support to the guide once its finished however it has its...
  3. notrui

    PXE Boot network via synology NAS

    Hello Friends :) I am new here and i bought a months ago a DS418. I have other 2 bay NAS I am trying to use PXE boot network via synology NAS. I am new also in PXE boot and yesterday i tested PXE boot with windows 10 and windows 7 , i used PXE serva but i only get sucess with win 7 (apperar a...
  4. Rusty

    Tutorial PXE boot via Synology NAS

    This tutorial will cover detail instructions on how to configure and setup your NAS to be a PXE boot server for your LAN. Keep in mind that this is a tutorial that I wrote back 5y now, but it still applies. We will see how to setup Syno as your PXE server as well as different methods of booting...