1. jeyare

    Containerized Python Development – Part 1

    this is an introduction of your first step from Pyton to your own Containerized world
  2. iStone

    Solved mariaDB/mysql not connected via python

    ssh into SynoNAS, sql.connector installed, MariaDB10 is running can be accessed by root query tables in command line. but via python: got following error: I check also : seems mysql is running on not 127.0.01 for loopback? if so , how to set? thanks for any thoughts.
  3. iStone

    headless browser in DSM for python

    don't if this is the correct subgroup to ask, please move there if needed. ------- anyone tried above topic? would be nice to have a self-contained headless browser like PhantomJS... The current possible headless browsers like Firefox or Chrome still need a complete installation... (aka no-go)...