1. ed.j

    NordVPN/PIA and qBittorrent problem

    Hi there people. My aim is to have QBit running via a VPN. I have subscriptions to both PIA and Nord, have tried with both but to no avail. I am mega new to both SSH and docker so I'm probably doing something very obviously wrong. I've followed the instructions over here - I had no idea these...
  2. M

    qbittorrent Docker

    Hi, I have installed qbittorrrent in docker with help from Rustys excellent guide. I have successfully downloaded a file and it has been seeding all day. However I cannot find what I downloaded. It is not in the specified path and I failed when I tried to move it from within qbittorrent via...
  3. P

    Why is my torrent speed limited at ~33MBytes/s w/ Download Station? With Qbitorrent over docker, it's over 70MBytes/s.

    Hi Synoforum! Qbittorrent reaches 70 MBytes/s, which is great and about the same my "reference" desktop+SSD setup. Unfortunately it has poor RSS support even via alternate UIs. And I have to restart it every once in a while because it's less stable. Otherwise, I would just have kept using it...