1. S

    DSM 7.1 What if my NAS crashed and I wanted to migrate to QNAP?

    I bought my first NAS the DS920+ and am worried about getting locked into Synology. Couple questions: If my NAS crashes 10 years down the road - not the drives but if the controller hardware fried itself - would I need another Synology NAS to recover my data? Can I buy a non-Synology NAS...
  2. jeyare

    QNAP will send data about NAS disks to 3rd party

    So, Synology find out an idea to break of providing SMART data for NAS contains “unsupported” SATA disks. What is from essential point of view just a shoot into dark or a fairytale for newbies. The QNAP is moving this point to another level: I like data-mining it feeds me. The idea is quite...
  3. N

    Trying to Hyper Backup to distant QNAP

    Hi All, I'm trying to get the Synology to backup to a remote QNAP (over the net). I know this works - as I had it working for over a year - but my mate's device messed up and he needed to re-build it. Since then, I have been unable to get the damned things working again. Does anyone have...
  4. A

    QNAP autobackup

    I currently have a Qnap and a PC on a different network, 120 km away Is it possible to have a program that can backup from my PC( windows) to QNAP, I need it to check several folders on my computer and backup if any changes have occurred then to copy the changes, I need it to run on schedule...
  5. EAZ1964

    Mining hack on QNAP

    Our collegue nas users are victim of a vulnerability: https://www.techradar.com/news/qnap-devices-are-being-hacked-to-mine-cryptocurrency
  6. EAZ1964

    New ransomware, now actively attacking qnap and linux

    https://www.qnap.com/en/security-advisory/qsa-20-06 we had our share last year, now qnap? Or is this one also looking for synologies?
  7. T

    Shared folder sync from Synology to QNAP

    I have a Synology DS418 and a QNAP TS-431P sitting in the same closet plugged into the same router. My goal is for the QNAP to act as a backup for the Synology, in case the controller board fails or the power supply melts, etc. I have a share "Filez" on both, with the same data. When I make...
  8. M

    [SSD Plex NAS] QNAP TBS-453DX or TS-251D

    Hi, I want to create a Plex NAS that's very silent for my living room. That's why I want to go for SSDs, I don't like the clicking sound of the HDDs. For the NAS, I think I boiled it down to one of these two: - QNAP TBS-453DX (8GB ram) - ¥83,235 - QNAP TS-251D (2GB ram) - ¥61,995...