1. F

    Expansion question

    Hi, I'm wondering if I am able to add a 14tb into this configuration or does it need to be a 16tb like the other 4? Thanks
  2. NAS Newbie

    Another NAS migration question

    I have a DS918+ with 4 HDD's that I want to transfer over to my new RS1219+. When I first hooked up the RS1219 and went to synology's "find me" website, it found the NAS, but wouldn't let me proceed with installation because I didn't have any drives installed. Aside from the 4 drives I want to...
  3. J

    OpenVPN safety question

    Hi all, This is my first post here, my name is Joan and I'm an industrial programmer (Robots, PLC & CNC). In our office we have a small DS-716+II which we love. I have to travel often, and while out of the office I use an OpenVPN client in my Windows laptop to connect to our Synology. In our...
  4. RoCaRay

    Question: Seagate Exos HDDs with DS220+ / DS720+

    I would like to use on-hand Seagate Exos (12TB or 16TB) in a DS220+ or DS720+ --- to be deployed as a low-activity offsite backup NAS and occasional media server. Unfortunately, Exos HDDs are not officially supported in the 220+ or 720+. What are the possible downside risks for the NAS, HDDs...
  5. D

    Question about dual networks

    I have inherited an IT department that has a rackstation rs812rp+ this is set up in windows AD domain, and I believe also has an iscsi lun hosting vmware backup snapshots. As far as I can tell, this is all done on lan1 (IP 172.18.x.x) - as no traffic was present on lan2's ip, and...
  6. T

    Question Help: How to compile open-vm-tools for DSM?

    This dude here has compiled open-vm-tools for DSM, so I know it's definitely possible. I once tried this by myself by using Synology Package Toolkit on an Ubuntu VM but after a lot of trying and failing I finally gave up. Now, a year later, I'll bite the bullet and try again and hope to find...
  7. SkipWhiffle

    Shared Folder Sync Question

    Hi, I've got a question regarding Shared Folder Sync. I have 2 identical Synology DS1819+ systems running btrfs. My intent is to backup the first unit's files (Wally) to the second (Wally2). The second unit was originally populated as a shared folder sync from the first. Each NAS now has...
  8. F

    Adding an additional drive question

    I have one drive in my DS718+. I want to add a second drive, which will be the exact same size and model, and set up RAID 1. As I have never done something like this before, is there anything I should be aware of? Here is the current configuration:
  9. S

    Sorry-very basic question on file size limits

    I have a new 1019+ ordered and on the way and for now am still using my older DS 213+. Knowing that I will have more space soon, I tried to transfer a high quality 4.7 GB movie file to the 213+ and found it is above the file limit for transfer. So my question is what do I need to do to...
  10. RoCaRay

    Question: VM / Windows 10 / Handbrake Performance

    I'm looking for perspective on performance from those more experienced with the VM environment on Synology NAS... We have a mostly idle DS3018xs (Intel Pentium D1508 w/ 8GB) that I considered pressing into service for high volume transcoding with Handbrake. So I created my personal-first VM...
  11. Telos

    Question Docker Permissions Question

    I set up jlesage/docker-mkvtoolnix and have run into a confounding issue that seems permissions related. One of the container volume mappings "/storage" is for where video files reside for editing. Initially I mapped /videos (the shared folder auto-created by Synology's Video Station package)...
  12. A

    Question Multiple storage pools for different levels of redundancy

    I have a new NAS with 2 2TB drives. I plan on using it for 2 main purposes, as a photo storage backup, and as a media server (probably Plex). For my photo storage I'd like to have redundancy in case of drive failure, but it's not necessary for the media server files. Is there a way to create 2...
  13. itsjasper

    Question What was your first NAS?

    This is probably aimed at the old hands, rather than the recent NAS owners, but I'm curious to ask, "What was your first NAS?" Mine was an Infrant ReadyNAS NV (the non-Plus model, and pre-Netgear purchase). Nice unit, and good for its day, but certainly no speed demon. I then upgraded to a...
  14. RoCaRay

    DX1215 Expansion Unit Performance Question

    Long-time Synology user, here; but no hands-on experience with expansion units, so far. Here's the setup and question... Assume two volumes (#1 & #2) on a DS3617xs, and another two volumes (#3 & #4) on an attached DX1215 - all four volumes use identical HDDs, RAID level, etc. As I understand...
  15. B

    DS218+ Prepurchase question

    Hello, I am considering purchase of the DS218+ but funds are limited during this time and I am wanting to confirm a few things. I am intending to purchase the NAS and a single 8TB drive. My questions are these.... 1) I am assuming I can in fact configure and use the NAS with only a single...
  16. johntdavis

    Firewall Setup Question

    Hello, I have a question about my firewall setup. So far, I've not done anything specific to it. When the router was first plugged in, it asked me to set up a bunch of automatic rules, and I let it do that so I could get through the setup process. Presently, it looks like this: Some of this...
  17. C

    Question about Photo Station folders

    Just tried DS Photo and Photostation and it looks good. Problem is it only wants to save to a specific folder called "Photo" on the NAS. I am using Synology drive to sync all my photos from my pc but it wont let me store those photos in the same folder that photo station uses. How can i link...
  18. E

    Question Any successful FreePBX, PBX or Asterisk installation via Docker?

    Hi All, I have been struggling since December to get a docker install of FreePBX or Asterisk to work on our DS918+. Which has led to many uninstallations and reinstalls of the Docker package to keep the system functioning. I'm now at a lost if this application can or has been successfully...
  19. MadBrit

    Question About SRM and Security

    Hi SynoFans, Excuse my ignorance, but I'm a first time poster and new to Synology tech. Not 100% sure where to post this, but thanks for any help in advance. Please move to another thread if not applicable. RT2600AC / SRM 1.2.3-8017 Update 4 I installed ntop-ng (network monitoring) on a linux...
  20. K

    Syncing question

    Hi I'm very new to synology and wondered if this set up is possible? We are a team of three people all working from home, we each have a Synology, 1 is running Drive Admin as the host, the other 2 are syncing to that. This is working well. If we also wanted to sync to a USB drive, but to our...