1. S

    [Question] How to re-establish PXE booting with Synology NAS

    First of all thank you for your help. I had a system set up for me with Synology NAS to back up my files, and unfortunately I didn't pay close attention to how it was setup. Anyway, I swapped out the primary HDD in the PC with another, and then attempted to switch back and now I get the error...
  2. X

    Question about Safe Access, blocking sites, Cert errors and 3 non located security warning screens

    I've already posted this in Synology official forum, but maybe here I get more help, or quicker :-) I'm getting errors related to Certs Common Name Invalid accesing a concrete url in my browser and I assume it's about Safe Access because: 0. I've an RT2600AC running as a neutral router in my...
  3. Cobra

    Probably a stupid Hyper backup question

    Can Hyper Backup be used to backup a PC drive to an external drive that is attached to that pc or is it only for backing up to and from a NAS? Thanks
  4. V

    DSM 6.2 Newbie Question: Does VPN server perform the functions of a paid VPN service?

    Hello, Does the VPN server included with DSM allow me to make secure connections from computers on my home LAN to websites on the internet, or does it only allow an external computer to securely connect to my NAS? If this VPN server does not work like a traditional paid VPN service, is there...
  5. F

    DSM 6.2 Albums sharing - newbie question

    Hi All, I just started with a Synology NAS and installed Photo Station a few days ago. How do I make an album accessible only to those people I give them a link? I would'nt like these people to need to "login", just have access to this only folder. How do I have to configure the access...
  6. Robbie

    Question for those who run a local NTP server

    My ancient ntp server had to go a while back due to its size and power consumption. In recent days I bought a new modern ntp server which is GPS+PPS bound but no heater or stabilised crystal. My new ntp server (an ebay bargain) does not offer its own fallback external servers, so I am...
  7. N

    A question regarding Synology's "Secure Erase" feature

    Hello everyone. I have a stack of various, rack mountable, Synology NAS devices from which I need to purge all data prior to disposition. After coming across the link below, I found the third response, posted by "Dune7" on 2/22/20, to be quite helpful...
  8. T

    Newbie question... cant find a definative answer... container updating

    Hello everyone, still on the learning curve, and messing about with docker... easy one for you to help with i hope. Ive got a issue with my jellyfin docker, but i see its a known issue and fixed in the latest .5 version, in checked and mines .2 so how do i update it? I downloaded the latest...
  9. D

    2FA question - am I hosed?

    I have 2FA set up on one of my devices, authenticator app was Google Authenticator. I had to reset my phone due to an issue and spaced about the 2FA on the NAS. I had email notification set up (2FA setup forces you to do so), but I am not getting any emails when I use the "I lost my phone"...
  10. N

    ds1819+ move volume1 to volume2 question

    ok this is going to be an out in left field question. total drive space used is 4.13 tb. this is all backed up on 2 external usb drives and on a old 1815+ with 5x3tb shr2 setup. running a 1819+ with 5x4tb shr2 in volume1 storage pool 1 in slots 4/5/6/7/8 wanting to put in 3x6tb in shr2 as...
  11. Robbie

    Expansion - RX418 vs RS819 Question

    I am outgrowing my RS217 and looking it to replace it with a 4-bay. Limitations are 1U and around 30cm depth, must support BTRFS, must be UPS aware, ideally with low power consumption with CPU performance requirements at the lower end of the scale. Two options come to mind - the RX418 & RS819...
  12. A

    Question about transferring from an older NAS to a newer NAS, RAID 1 to SHR

    Hello all, I currently have a ds418j, with 2x8TB, and 2x3TB drives in two RAID 1 configurations. I've never really worried about other types of RAID or SHR as I tend to upgrade my disks as they fail. My plan is to upgrade to a newer NAS, not decided but let's say it's a 4bay like a ds-920...
  13. Cobra

    Question about admin account

    I have already created a new admin account and disabled the original "Admin" account" but I use the new admin account for everything. Is this a bad idea? If so, am I able to disable and reenable my new admin account when logged into a regular user account? Thanks
  14. U

    Import existing Letsencrypt certificate - question

    Hello, I have done some research but can‘t really tell if this will work or not and also how to make it work. What I have is a VPS that currently has existing letsencrypt certificates that I would want to import to symbology (I guess that is the easy part with the import function). But will...
  15. F

    Expansion question

    Hi, I'm wondering if I am able to add a 14tb into this configuration or does it need to be a 16tb like the other 4? Thanks
  16. NAS Newbie

    Another NAS migration question

    I have a DS918+ with 4 HDD's that I want to transfer over to my new RS1219+. When I first hooked up the RS1219 and went to synology's "find me" website, it found the NAS, but wouldn't let me proceed with installation because I didn't have any drives installed. Aside from the 4 drives I want to...
  17. J

    OpenVPN safety question

    Hi all, This is my first post here, my name is Joan and I'm an industrial programmer (Robots, PLC & CNC). In our office we have a small DS-716+II which we love. I have to travel often, and while out of the office I use an OpenVPN client in my Windows laptop to connect to our Synology. In our...
  18. RoCaRay

    Question: Seagate Exos HDDs with DS220+ / DS720+

    I would like to use on-hand Seagate Exos (12TB or 16TB) in a DS220+ or DS720+ --- to be deployed as a low-activity offsite backup NAS and occasional media server. Unfortunately, Exos HDDs are not officially supported in the 220+ or 720+. What are the possible downside risks for the NAS, HDDs...
  19. D

    Question about dual networks

    I have inherited an IT department that has a rackstation rs812rp+ this is set up in windows AD domain, and I believe also has an iscsi lun hosting vmware backup snapshots. As far as I can tell, this is all done on lan1 (IP 172.18.x.x) - as no traffic was present on lan2's ip, and...
  20. T

    Question Help: How to compile open-vm-tools for DSM?

    This dude here has compiled open-vm-tools for DSM, so I know it's definitely possible. I once tried this by myself by using Synology Package Toolkit on an Ubuntu VM but after a lot of trying and failing I finally gave up. Now, a year later, I'll bite the bullet and try again and hope to find...