1. jeyare

    what level of noise is produced from your rack?

    I was intrigued that many users wrote - they were bothered by the sound from the HDDs. So my primary homelab rack is about: 17 enterprise-class HDDs in 3 NASes and 2 routers and 48p switch plus 5 Noctua fans for an adaptive airflow within the rack 3kV UPS include big tower workstation equipped...
  2. M

    Migrating From Disk Station To Rack Station With “Unverified Drives”

    Hi There! My DS2413+ has bit the dust. I had it sitting on a rack shelf in my rack and have decided that I'd rather install a Rackmount Unit as opposed to a Disk Station on a shelf to save a bunch of space in my Rack. Right now the DS2413+ takes up like 7 or 8 "U" Spaces. I thought I was...
  3. The 'Galadriel' Rack

    The 'Galadriel' Rack

    The new 16U rack gets its first new switch - the USW-Enterprise-24-PoE - a 'goodwill' gift from UniFi.
  4. Robbie

    The Last Jedi Home Network Rack?

    The Last Jedi Home Network Rack This has to be the end. Started with 5U, then 9U before pushing through the Spinal Tap limit and hitting 12U for my current rack. Thought that would be enough but here I am, starting to build a new 16U rack and (for the first time ever) it will be fitted with...
  5. O

    Rack recommendations for home usage inc Plex

    So everything I've read so far says run a million miles away from using a Rack server if I'm intending to run a Plex Media Server as they don't have the horsepower processor wise. I have a comms rack in my house with my ethernet switch, patch panels and it's currently hosting my poverty spec...
  6. nas_in_rack.jpg


    DS718+ and DS418 in Navepoint 15U rack. The ethernet cabling is a mess but Im looking for cable management solutions from Navepoint. Hope to add a rack mount server in the future!
  7. SynoMan

    NAS RackStation RS820+/RS820RP+

    RackStation RS820+/RS820RP+ - Ideal 1U rackmount NAS for high-performance data management High-performance storage solution with on-demand scalability Synology RackStation RS820+/RS820RP+ is designed for businesses pursuing an effective and centralized data management. It comes with four drive...
  8. N

    Rack Blanking Panel for DS1515+?

    When I bought my last NAS, it made a lot more sense to get a DS1515+ for the money than a rack mount unit, knowing I’d put it in a rack anyway. Does anyone know of a product that fits the opening? Thanks!
  9. B

    where do you place the NAS on the rack

    I am curious whzere you place the rack mounted NAS on a rack, Someone told me recently that it was better to put them first at the bottom instead of starting them from the middle for their weight. It makes sense somehow but I'm curious what you are doing