1. Telos

    Radarr docker doesn't move downloads; sonarr does

    I have both radarr and sonarr dockerized and working with a qbttorrent docker. The odd thing is that radarr downloads are never transferred to my /movies folder, while sonarr dutifully moves completed downloads to the /tv folder. Both /tv and /movies folders are under the same shared folder, as...
  2. DaVoodoo

    Docker Sonarr & Docker Radarr issue with Firewall.

    I have Sonarr & Radarr dockers working 100% and they can reach the indexers fine. As soon as I turn on Synology Firewall (Attached is a screenshot of Firewall.) the indexers are blocked: All indexers are unavailable due to failures, All search-capable indexers are temporarily unavailable due...
  3. I

    Radarr Folder Permissions

    Hello, I'm running the Synocommunity Radarr package, and it's telling me Radarr can't see a directory and I need to adjust the folder's permissions. However, when I check the folder's permissions everything looks correct. I've checked the permissions through File Station by right clicking the...
  4. Telos

    Radarr/Sonarr: Indexers not found

    My sonarr and radarr containers recently lost connection with other Docker containers (indexes, torrent package). Coincidence or not, this occurred when I was setting up a new AdGuardHome (AGH) instance. AGH was the first container I set up with Hosts network (as opposed to bridged), so my...