1. A

    2x3TB Raid 0 Setup

    I have 2 x 3TB raid 0 from my previous WD Duo Book. The WD Duo Book is damaged and i bought a DS1621xs+ intend to replace it. How can i setup so can read from my previous 3tb raid HDDs without losing the data? Thank you
  2. J

    DSM 6.2 Expanding storage space and changing RAID type

    Hello. I'm trying to do two things - replace half of my old, small drives with new, larger drives, and change my RAID type from RAID 6 to SHR. My NAS is an 1817+ running DSM 6.2.4. It has eight bays, all full of 4TB drives, in one storage pool, in a RAID 6 array. I have four new 8TB drives...
  3. D

    DS920+ Raid Expansion Help

    Good afternoon all, First-ever post here so please be gentle. I currently own a Synology DS920+ (DSM 7.0-41890) which is for personal use, it was running 2x 3TB WD RED drives however due to storage running a little low I decided to buy a further 2x 3TB Seagate IronWolf drives to expand my...
  4. K

    DSM 6.2 Going from JBOD to RAID - Can I keep all my settings, packages, and docker containers?

    I initially set my NAS up with JBOD. I now realize the stupidity of this and so want to change to a raid (or SHR) setup. Migrating the data is not an issue as I have several other disks that I can use temporarily. However, I've put in a lot of time setting up various docker containers. I would...
  5. P

    SMR drive as single drive not RAID

    I've got a server (not a "nas") that has some age on the internal drives. This "server" is a windows computer that is on 24/7 and pretty much runs the media duties of the house. It's drives all have age on them, and I'm in upgrade mode ;) Any reason why a WD SMR (EFAX) drive(s) can NOT be...
  6. T

    New discs and RAID plan

    Help? I have a DS418play that has 4x6GB discs in RAID 10, and is too full at 96%. I want more space, and have sourced 4 x 10GB discs. I am slightly less anxious than when I first set this up, so am thinking of converting to SHR ... but can't do that simply. So ... I could.... - stay with RAID 10...
  7. I

    RAID 5, 6, or 10 - I can't decide... help?

    New 1621+ just arrived and I loaded it up with 4x6TB Exos drives... I'm going to be using BTRFS but not sure about the array type... RAID 5, 6, or 10 is what I"m trying to decide. I don't believe I need SHR - I'm thinking about upgradability in the future (some models don't support SHR). Since...
  8. Crabber

    HD and raid type for 920+

    Upgrading my 220J with 1 WD Red 12TB to a 920+ Plan is to buy 3 WD 4tb Red Plus and build a SHR-1 or RAID5 array, this would be for 2 users documents, photos, videos and movies (about 6tb) After migrating data to the 920+ install the 12TB and use for Surveillance having no more than 6 cameras...
  9. S

    DS1621xs+ backup to another RAID device

    I want to have an offsite backup of my DS1621xs+. It's connected to an iMac Pro over 10GBe and 1GBe to the router. I will eventually get a second DS1621 offsite and use Hyperbackup / Hyperbackup Vault between them. But until then, my offsite backup solution is a 2-drive G-RAID Thunderbolt 3...
  10. Robbie

    Info SSD RAID Level Selection - Errr

    I presumed that this would be an easy forum question: But I guess not! :ROFLMAO: Looking for the current thinking on SSD RAID levels. I've been running 5 SSDs in SHR-1 / BTRFS for quite some time and recently migrated them to a new NAS, giving me more drive bay options to play with...
  11. A

    Question about transferring from an older NAS to a newer NAS, RAID 1 to SHR

    Hello all, I currently have a ds418j, with 2x8TB, and 2x3TB drives in two RAID 1 configurations. I've never really worried about other types of RAID or SHR as I tend to upgrade my disks as they fail. My plan is to upgrade to a newer NAS, not decided but let's say it's a 4bay like a ds-920...
  12. E

    Advice with changing RAID

    Hi guys Hope everyone is well and all your loved ones are safe and well. I have been lurking for a while and this is prob the best Synology forum ive come across. Ive been learning a lot. I am looking to make some changes to my current nas setup so needed some advice. Having looked up some...
  13. N

    Missing Space on Raid 5

    I have a DS918+ with a DX517 Expansion box. I set the Raid as Raid 5 , 2 data drives and 1 checksum drive , using the drives from Western Digital 8tb Drives USB drives The DSM , reported I was at 72% drive usage with 9.42Tb Drives Space. The recent Amazon Black Friday had the Western Digital...
  14. 1

    SSD-only array: JBOD vs RAID

    Hi everyone, As a Christmas present to myself :p, I've ordered a DS620slim with 3 x 4TB WD Red SA500 SSDs in order to retire my DS216+II as a backup NAS. I'm really looking forward to the almost-silence and the performance gain, but am a bit unsure on how to configure the volume. Let me...
  15. A

    Not using RAID

    I am getting my first NAS Synology DS920+ this coming weekend. I plan to use it for Plex Media only. I want to maximize all the storage and do not need to mirror any of the data as I have all the files backed up on other devices. I was under the impression I could treat my NAS Drives as...
  16. aGraphicz

    DS920+: best raid option with 4 SSDs of 1.92TB

    Hi Tomorrow I should receive the Ironwolf 110 SSDs for my brand new DS920+. In the specific I will receive 4 SSD of 1.92TB (so a total of 7.68TB). Which kind of raid do you suggest me to do? Our goals are performances (we are a small business with 7 employees) and a good backup solution (this...
  17. A

    Bytes written much higher in 1 of the 2 SHR disks

    Hi, After ditching the WD Red 3TB disks due to 3 out 4 died, I decided to install new drives with clean install on my DS916+. I bought 2 new Samsung 860 QVO 2TB and put them in SHR+BTRFS in slot 1 and slot 3. SMART attributes showed for both 0 Bytes written when bought. During the 4 months...
  18. S

    Expanding diskgroup with new HDDs and converting Raid

    Hello I have been using a DS414j for years with 2 HDDs with 4 TB each (WD Red) in Raid 1 (mirrored) configuration. Now I added two 8 TB HDDs - this is a 4 bay model. My plan: 1) Convert the Raid 1 to Raid 5 (or something similar - recommendation?) using 4 HDDs. Of course, only 4 TB of each of...
  19. Telos

    Question Synology RAID Calculator | RAID0 mixed disk capacity

    Looking to redo my backup NAS as I'm running out of capacity. I have 10TB and 6TB disks which I was going to join in a simple JBOD. Using the Synology RAID Calculator I noticed that in a RAID0 configuration, Capacity = 10TB + 6TB = 16TB I always understood that RAID0 mixed disks yielded ...
  20. B

    Question How to mount and read Synology RAID hard disk?

    Since one of NAS hard disk defected, I removed the hard disk in DSM and can't read the file again. How can i read and backup my data to my PC? I used VMware and installed Ubuntus already but still can't work, does anyone can provide tutorial how to solve my problem? Many thanks,