1. jeyare

    Tutorial Pitfalls of different SSDs used within RAID

    Intro To be more precise about the headline term – different SSDs in this case – means different SSDs based on using different SSD's internal architecture or subsystems like: SSD controllers SSD built-in cache SSD cell technologies and not about the same SSDs with different capacities only...
  2. E

    SHR Volume - Migrate from 3 disks (RAID5-ish) volume into 2 new disks (RAID1-ish)

    What I have: 3 x 6TB SHR Volume with 12 TB redundant storage (1 disk recently broken) What I want: 2 x 18TB SHR volume with 18 TB redundant storage (I'll expand the volume after the migration) Of course, I want to keep my volume and migrate everything, to avoid any additional work and downtime...