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    Unable to setup RAID6 or SHR2

    Hi guys, I've just turned on my new DS1821+ and I've installed 4 (also new) Seagate Exos 14Tb. Now I'm trying to setup the system (first setup) a SHR2 but the storage manager is telling me that my NAS down not support RAID6 neither SHR2. 1) is that possible? 2) may I choose raid 5 and then...
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    DSM 7.0 Best practice to changing Raid10 to Raid6

    I have a production unit RS820+ on the latest DSM 7 version running on RAID 10. I’d like some information, best practices, what to watch for, on going from RAID 10 to RAID 6. My plan is to create an entire local backup using hyper backup. Delete the storage pool/volume and re-create it as...
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    HA setup but how to get ride of shr2

    Hi all, I would like to setup Sha but shr volume are not supported. Do you know the best method to migrate from shr2 to raid5 or raid ? Thanks a lot for your advices. Nicolas
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    Migrate from a DS1512+ with 5 drives in Raid6 to a DS720+ & DX517?

    I have a weird situation and am hoping to streamline things. I currently have a DS1512+ with 5 drives in Raid6. Sometime ago I realized that the continuous writing to the raid for my SS recording was killing the drives. After a few died and I replaced the drives, I moved the SS recordings to...
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    Raid 6 Expandability

    Hey All, I've got a question regarding expanding a RAID 6 Synology NAS. If I've got a 16 Bay NAS unit with 12 drives setup in RAID 6, can more drives of the same size be added to the same pool/volume at a later date? I understand this is a feature of SHR but with different drive sizes but am...