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    Problem with WebDAV and RAIDrive

    Hi! I have a DS916+ NAS that I would like to use as shared files server for our firm. I have setup a WebDAV connection with RAIDrive, in order to access the files remotely. I made the port forwarding setup, and I created a DDNS subdomain. On Linux and MacOS it works without problem ( without...
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    RAIdrive doesn't work anymore-Port forwarding problem?

    I am using a Palo Alto Networks firewall, PA440 at home, and a PA460 at work. Using RAI drive at work and trying to connect to my DS218 at home. My synology client drive works fine. Using, user and pass and it connects and syncs my files. What doesn't work is the RAIdrive. not...
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    Raidrive + Webdav connection problem

    Hello. I use Raidrive app. to mapp and access the NAS folders remotely. Recently I had to move my NAS to another location and I have the following network configuration: Router 1 (connects to the internet) - Router 2 (wire connection to router 1) - NAS (connected to router 2) Unfortunately with...