1. R

    Installed RAM memory test confusion

    Hi there, I just installed 4GB ram into my DS218+ and I can see my total RAM has now gone up from 2GB to 6GB. I wanted to carry out a memory test as advised to do after installing new RAM. I followed the instructions here: Tutorial - Performing the Synology Memory Test and Extracting the...
  2. F

    3rd party RAM - RS18017XS+

    G'day, Searched for D4RD-2666-32G and RS18017xs+ and got no hits, so first post! I'm trying to upgrade the stock 16GB RAM on my RS18017XS+ as I need to add another couple of VMs. It's a lovely bit of kit but I'm running at 86% RAM capacity and another 2GB RAM allocated to a VM will break it...
  3. WST16

    DS220+ upgrade to 18GB.

    After my initial upgrade to 6GB with a 4GB Crucial memory that lasted for more than 7 months with no problems, I've gone mad and upgraded the 220+ to 18GB 😁 It's been about a week now and no problems so far. I've never received any warnings even during the first boot after installation, it was...
  4. J

    RAM upgrade seen but not used? DS218+

    Hi everyone! I upgraded my DS218+ with an 8GB Crucial stick (after having checked compatibility on NAScompares at the time). DSM correctly sees the 10 GB, but after using 2GB (big task) does not use the other 8GB free physical memory (still displays them as free) and instead starts swapping to...
  5. I

    1621+ Performance increase from RAM?

    So I’m expecting my new 1621+ in a couple days and I blew my budget in the NAS and the drives… I can’t really afford a RAM upgrade and plan to get more next month (I’m addition to NVME drives for cache). My question is, I have 8TB from my old synology to transfer to this one and I’m dreading how...
  6. A

    Synology RAM upgrade. Useful or not?

    Hi everyone :) I am currently using a Synology DS1819+ as a file server and to host a wiki (~20 users). The device comes equipped with 4GB of DDR4 and so far RAM usage has remained below 20% (usually around 15%). I guess this means that 1GB of RAM would be enough for what my DS does, right? I...
  7. DeadVoivod

    NAS change

    Hello, At the moment I'm using a DS2413+ with 12x4TB disks running in RAID6, and I have 4GB of RAM installed, maximum for the 2413+. Lately I found that operations on the NAS take very long, I'm doing a lot of archiving (rar, zip, 7z...) with loads of files, and I thought it might be due to...
  8. N

    DS1821+ max RAM

    Synology indicates that the maximum RAM support for the DS1821+ is 32Gb. Various sites indicates that the AMP processor supports 32Gb max, such as for example: AMD Ryzen Embedded V1500B - YE1500C4T4MFB But there are plenty of sites and people having installed 64Gb (2x32Gb) with success: the DSM...
  9. L

    Ram upgrade for DS1621XS+ anyone have 64gb? (what ram)

    Does anyone currently have 64gb ram in their DS1621xs+? If so, what ram did you use? Thanks in advance.
  10. Robbie

    Info RS1221+ ECC RAM Upgrade

    I wasn't really planning on this upgrade but stumbled on a new 'Synology' branded ECC SODIMM for regular DDR4 money. I need more RAM than this but for now it does, at least, double my RAM and brings me into dual-channel mode. My search for a bigger and better memory configuration that escapes...
  11. NAS Newbie

    Another RAM upgrade post - my RS1219+ is getting low

    So my RS1219+ came with 2GB ram, and I am always using over 50% of it and quite often maxing it out. Looking at other ram posts, Crucial was a commonly recommended company, but according to their website they apparently don't have anything that is compatible with the RS1219+? Memory RAM & SSD...
  12. J

    Crucial Ram Stopping error on reboot

    Ok, so I have a New DS1819+ and installed a 32GB Kit from crucial (2x16gb) DDR4 I know its not synology ram but there ram is so expensive. The problem every time I do a reboot I get that error message "Detected non-Synology memory module. Please refer to our official website and select...
  13. AlexS

    SSD for cache and ram upgrade recommendations for DS920+

    Hey all, I'm new on here and have purchased a DS920+ and awaiting for it to be delivered so i thought i'd get the rest of the upgrades that i need in the meantime. Just wanting to buy 2 SSD's for Cache and was looking at the Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250GB M.2 NVMe and was wondering if anyone could...
  14. BoosterT

    RAM for DS1621+

    So I bit the bullet and ordered the DS1621+ to upgrade from my older DS916+ ... the NAS comes with only 4g RAM (shame on Synology) ... adding another 8g ECC module is over $200 US. Does anyone have source to look at compatible memory that would be less expensive? thanks ... Stephen
  15. K

    2x8GB ram not work

    hello everyone. I just bought a new DS1819+ with 2x8GB crucial ram (CT8G4SFS824A) I tried to install the new rams but this happend to me and i really dont know what to do with this. If i put any ram in the right ram slot nas works great If i put any ram in the left slot or install both of them...
  16. S

    Best compatible third party vendor for RAM and what’s the max I can pack into a 1019+?

    Pretty much as the title says. What is the most reliable compatible third party vendor for RAM and what’s the max sizer that a 1019+ will take? Where to buy? Many thanks.
  17. Q

    Question RAM and Cache memory upgrade

    hello everyone I am very lucky that I found this forum. it is full of information that I could not find elsewhere so keep posting. today I would like to ask you all experts about upgrading RAM and Cache. I looked into Amazon for Synology D4ECSO-2666-16G RAM for my DS1819+ and it costs over 300$...
  18. scoobs

    DS918+ Single vs Dual Channel RAM benchmark

    Due to a lack of benchmarks with regard to single vs dual channel RAM I decided to perform a quick test using the phoronix-test-suite using the docker container phoronix/pts using the ramspeed test. I have 2 sticks of Synology DDR3L 1866MHz 4GB, performed one run with a single stick and the...