1. K

    2x8GB ram not work

    hello everyone. I just bought a new DS1819+ with 2x8GB crucial ram (CT8G4SFS824A) I tried to install the new rams but this happend to me and i really dont know what to do with this. If i put any ram in the right ram slot nas works great If i put any ram in the left slot or install both of them...
  2. S

    Best compatible third party vendor for RAM and what’s the max I can pack into a 1019+?

    Pretty much as the title says. What is the most reliable compatible third party vendor for RAM and what’s the max sizer that a 1019+ will take? Where to buy? Many thanks.
  3. Q

    Question RAM and Cache memory upgrade

    hello everyone I am very lucky that I found this forum. it is full of information that I could not find elsewhere so keep posting. today I would like to ask you all experts about upgrading RAM and Cache. I looked into Amazon for Synology D4ECSO-2666-16G RAM for my DS1819+ and it costs over 300$...
  4. scoobs

    DS918+ Single vs Dual Channel RAM benchmark

    Due to a lack of benchmarks with regard to single vs dual channel RAM I decided to perform a quick test using the phoronix-test-suite using the docker container phoronix/pts using the ramspeed test. I have 2 sticks of Synology DDR3L 1866MHz 4GB, performed one run with a single stick and the...