1. Sly870

    DSM 7.0 Recommendation for cloud backups

    Good morning all :D I currently have a cloud sync for my Dropbox, this just acts as if I had dropbox on my local PC so I can access certain files remotely or at home but I am looking for another cloud solution. I don't want to move away from DB as DB is used for spreadsheet access etc, I am...
  2. C

    Recommendation for DS920+ to replace WD Red 3TB EFRX Drives

    Hi All, New to forum and good to see the active discussions. Replaced my dead DS415+ last night with a DS920+. All good but now thinking that it might be a good idea to replace the drives as well and i also want some more storage space. Currently i have 3 3TB WD Red EFRX drives in SHR, all...
  3. R

    Docking station recommendation

    Looking for a docking station or caddy compatible with ds220j - preferably usb3. Trying to copy data stored on HDD disks that I've previously used in conjunction with Icy Box Caddy. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  4. welshdragon

    DS1621+ NVMe recommendation

    Evening, I have just installed my new DS1621+ and was wondering what size/make or number of Ncme SSD i could put in, the benefits?
  5. R

    DS215j HDD Replacement Recommendation

    Hi All, This has probably been answered many times before so I apologise for asking again. Background : I have a DS215j with a single 4TB Seagate Drive which I thought would be future proof when I purchased it 4-5 years ago. It's storage capabilities are far greater than I will ever (ever)...
  6. S

    Back up drive recommendation. 24TB

    Still working out how much storage I will go for in my NAS. If it's 16TB in the NAS, I can back up to a 16TB regular USB HDD drive HDD - seems easy. But if I push it to 24TB of NAS storage, I am outside of the normal HDD range which tops out at 16T. What recommendations would people have for...
  7. L

    NAS Recommendation for Small Film Studio (project)

    Hello, I am looking to setup a storage solution for a small film production studio. They have about 80TB of data to store with ~10 users accessing it. I have considered these devices: DS1819+ DS2419+ DS3018xs DS3617xs Which NAS would be required for decent performance? Going through...