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    Surveillance Station Continuous Recording Issue

    I have recently setup two Wansview W6 outdoor cameras to SS and they both seem to be working fine however I have set them up for continuous recording and truncating every 30 mins. Every day I have a handful of 30 min recordings where it seems to be working as expected but there are huge chunks...
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    Recording restriction

    Hi, Is it possible to program the camera not to show a part of the image? I have a camera from which I can see the street but it’s not allowed. Is it possible the black that zone. I know that in other softwares it’s possible. Can we do that in the Synology surveillance? Thanks
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    Question Surveillance Station Not Recording

    A few months ago I had to reset my Surveillance Station and Add / Setup my cameras again as it had lost connectivity. Since then (although it might not be related), even though I have the recording settings for each camera set to "Continuous" recording in the recording schedule, it has stopped...
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    Question Motion Detection Recording & Simultaneous Continuous Recording seemed to work fine yesterday, but not today...

    Hey, recently I decided to make the switch from using Nest Smart Cams to using a WiFi based IP cam with RTSP capability so I had more control over my cam & didn't have to be tied to a subscription. When I set it up yesterday, (all I did was connect it via the 'IP Camera' app in Surveillance...