recycle bin

  1. G

    DSM 6.2 Drive recycle bin restore - partial failure

    Yesterday a folder within Synology Drive was accidently deleted. I was able to see this folder and files in the recycle bin, I then attempted a restore from the iOS mobile drive app. In the notification center I got "Failed to restore Folder Name" Partial failure. It appears that the folder was...
  2. D

    Snapshot or recycle bin?

    Hi all, apologies of my question is stupid - I’m still a learner in storage :) I did some research before I post it but couldn’t find something relevant I’d like to add another safety net to my data so when I change a file or delete it for example, it can be restored to the exact original...
  3. pajczur

    Can't find Empty Recycle Bin button

    Hello, in the manual ( DiskStation Manager - Knowledge Base | Synology Inc. ) there is info that for empty recycle bin I have to click "Empty Recycle Bin" button. But I can't find such button. There is only "Empty ALL Recycle Bins", and I am even not sure what does it mean exactly. Does it...
  4. 5

    files in recycle bin can't be restored without being corrupted?

    Hello I've enabled the recycle bin for users on my Synology DS1618+ but if needed to get something that was just recently deleted like a doc file I can't, I can find the file in my recycle bin but the file title is ~$[Titlename].doc and the size is 162 Bytes and if I restore it, it comes back...
  5. atrisk

    Drive Web access normal users can't see Recycle bin.

    I want normal users to see the Recycle bin in the Drive web access. It works fine for an Admin user. As an admin when I delete a file or folder the Recycle bin shows up and has the files in it. When I am logged in as a normal "user" it never shows up even after deleting a file or folder. Would...
  6. S

    Question Recycle bin management for normal users. It's possible?

    Hello, Is it possible to enable a non-administrator user to empty the recycle bin in shared folders? If yes, how do you do it?