1. noblemd

    FYI: WD RED PLUS 8TB NEW $129 at Amazon - US

    Western Digital 8TB WD Red Plus NAS Internal Hard Drive HDD - 5640 RPM, SATA 6 Gb/s, CMR, 128 MB Cache, 3.5" - WD80EFZZ List Price: $249.99 Details Top Deal: $129.99 One-Day Prime Delivery
  2. T

    New NAS, New Drives - New Issues (DS920+ | WD Red Plus 8tb x2)

    Hello, I was hoping to just get some confirmation or a path ahead. I just got my new 920+ NAS, along side 2 WD Red Plus 8TB disks. I plugged them in, booted up, started setup - And got the "Failed to format drive (35)" error. Tried an old slim laptop disk and setup went smooth, so i plugged...
  3. S

    DS1821+ and WD RED Plus WD140EFFX

    Hello, I currently have 6x10Tb Wd Red Plus WD101EFBX (Firmware 85.00A85) on my DS1821+. I would like to extend my SHR2 volume with a 14Tb disk WD140EFFX (Firmware 81.00A81) even if i know that i would get 4Tb of unallocated space. However when i perform the volume extension, the NAS warns me...
  4. D

    Control panel notification red dot

    Hi all I have this symbol on my control panel, disappears after i open the control panel - is that because I’m not Synology account ? also, did someone find a way to disable permanently SNMP, SMB and SAN manager processes?
  5. V

    DS220j + 2x 4TB Seagate, slow speed

    Hi, I recently bought DS 220j, after my very positive SOHO experience with DS418+ which was carrying 10 people for years as a primary fileserver, and is still a backup and services solution we rely on heavily. My DS 220j was bought with intention of using it as a home fileserver, mainly for...
  6. C

    Recommendation for DS920+ to replace WD Red 3TB EFRX Drives

    Hi All, New to forum and good to see the active discussions. Replaced my dead DS415+ last night with a DS920+. All good but now thinking that it might be a good idea to replace the drives as well and i also want some more storage space. Currently i have 3 3TB WD Red EFRX drives in SHR, all...
  7. sdetheridge

    Problems with WD RED WD40EFAX

    Hey guys, I had three WD 4TB RED (WD40EFAX) drives in a self-built Linux file server. I replaced these into the file server for older drives that were failing. Immediately I was getting occasional CRC errors in dmesg, especially during RAID rebuild or high-load operations. These errors were...
  8. lathajoh

    New Disks to replace WD Red 4TB

    Hi All. My first post on this forum and it's clear that some of the acronyms and technology have moved on since I last had to think about this, so apologies if I ask something stupid. I've got a 215j with a pair of WD40EFAX RED that are setup in simple shared volume/RAID/mirroring. I need to...
  9. oRBIT

    WD WD Red Plus?

    Just noticed these drives, WD RED PLUS, in a few computer stores here.. Anyone tried these yet in their Synology NAS? These shouldn't use this SMR-crap I guess?
  10. L

    Can I use WD Red SSD SA500 even if not on the compatibility list?

    Hello I have a DS216j, for which I want to replace the HDDs with SSDs. So I would prefer the new WD Red SSD SA500, but they are not on the compatibility list for this DS. The SSD is listed for several other DS models, but not for the DS216j. Maybe the SSD is too new and the DS is too old for...
  11. WST16

    WD WD addresses SMR controversy with new Red Plus hard drives
  12. Telos

    WD WD Red SMART load/Unload utility 3.5" Drive

    While exploring the WD site, I ran across this patch utility (dated 2013) which"modifies the behavior of the drive to wait longer before positioning the heads in their park position and turning off unnecessary electronics". Although it's several years old, the red drive models listed are common...
  13. WST16

    Western Digital admits 2TB-6TB WD Red NAS drives use shingled magnetic recording