1. B

    archive remote mails

    I'm looking for a solution to archive remote mails on synology in a searchable way. I'm thinking to add a rule on the remote mail server to copy a mail but then how can it be stored in the synology server?
  2. S

    Connecting to DSM via remote desktop protocol?

    I have my Synology 218+ NAS isolated from the outside world on my LAN. The only ways I access my LAN from external sources is via VPN or an Apache Guacamole server, which acts as a RDP client into the various computers on my network. It seems very inefficient that I should have to connect to a...
  3. K

    Question DiskStation DS118 Good Choice For Offsite Backup?

    Adding offsite backup to our setup (will sit in my office at home across town). Would using a DS118 with a single drive be ok? Am I shooting myself in the foot here? Plan to have one other onsite backup on an external drive hooked directly into our primary Synology. Thanks!
  4. pamindic

    DSM Remote Access problem

    Can anyone help with this? I have a DS214+ NAS behind a D6200 router. My domain name points to the fixed IP address of my router. Port 5030 is set up on the router to redirect to my NAS, so if I want to access DSM from a WLAN browser I enter All good, I get DSM on...
  5. Rusty

    TeamViewer for Synology NAS

    This is just a little heads up for all who were unaware that there is a TV package for Syno. If your are not a fan of opening up ports to your network or just like TV this might be a solution for you...