1. D

    Folder monitoring (add/modify files/folders) + report

    Hello, I'm looking for a tool to monitor 3 folders (and their subfolders). I would like to monitor/get a report with file/folder creation/modification... I did a lot of searches with no success, if someone has an idea/experience I will be interested... Thanks in advance PS: sorry if not in...
  2. WST16

    Top industries hit by ransomware (report)
  3. WST16

    The bots that steal your 2FA codes (report).
  4. jeyare

    Home Router Security Report 2020 by Fraunhofer institut Germany

    here you can read full report by German Fraunhofer institut as was discussed many times here there is better spend 250-300USD/Eur for proper and secure router, than use “routers” from ISPs or cheap budget purchase. Otherwise you can write to your WAN Gateway: “Welcome all visitors here”...
  5. Pig712

    Removing Spammers from Reports

    Hi all, I have a persistent spammer ([email protected]) attacking my NAS as shown in the attached screenshot. While I have successfully prevented the spam is getting through, they are still showing up in the MailPlus Daily Report (refer screenshot). I was hoping there was way to stop their...