1. jann

    Redoing install w/smaller drives (14TB) instead of 18TB so I can expand...

    Hello, all. First post so forgive me if I either go into too much detail or too little. I was the victim of bad pre-purchase instructions from a tech at Synology. I have a Drobo 5c with 5 drives. 14TB, 14TB, 12TB, 10TB, 10TB. I wanted a Synology DS1520+ (which I bought) and it was suggested by...
  2. Ozric13

    Windows resize for file station

    Hi everyone, First I apologize if this has been posted before, I did look through the forums but can't find anything relevant. So I`m running DSM7 and love it, seriously a great upgrade, but I have a small issue with resizing windows within the DSM GUI. So I have 2 file station windows open...
  3. wwwampy

    Question How to compress photos before uploading to cloud

    I'd like to compress photos before uploading them to my C2 backup cloud, just like Google Photos do. Or I think they resize them. That way it will take up less space, but photos are still ok to look at. Or is it not a good idea to do that?