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    Info Synology NAS models resource category

    Hello forum members and visitors! We have added a new category in our Resource section: Here you can find all Synology NAS models available from November 2019. Feel free to rate and review your NAS model or discuss it in a...
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    Antivirus Essential scan hanging - cpu & memory issue

    I am using Synology's Antivirus Essential, scheduled scans are completed Monday thru Sat. This has been the second time where I noticed my cpu and memory usage has been high. When looking at the resource manager, I notice the task scheduler "Synoavscan" has been running for almost 17 hours. I...
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    If you want to publish a Docker tutorial make sure you check our Resources section and publish it there. Thank you.
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    How do I find latest posts? In the forum front page you can see a widget above forum nodes with some latest post: How can I see only unread threads and posts? Click on a New posts button in top left corner and an automatic filter with unread posts apply: How can I see all the latest...
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    We've added a Resources section (look in the navigation bar). You can browse tutorials, user reviews and similar stuff or publish your own resource. Just hit the button here ;)