1. johntdavis

    RT2600ac AT&T Fiber Gigabit Ethernet--Massive Upload Speed Loss

    Hello! I just got AT&T Fiber 1 gigabit/sec internet installed. With my computer connected directly to the internet, I'm getting amazing speeds with the Google Fiber Speed Test. DOWNLOAD 944 Mbps UPLOAD 1245 Mbps When I add the RT2600ac to the mix, things do not go so well. I've got Threat...
  2. R

    Problem with network centre

    I have recently updated to mac os 11.3. Coincidental to this, although my RT2600ac seems to function normally, the network centre hangs with the spinning cube thing. It doesn't show the graphic with connected devices and their traffic. Also threat prevention appears to not be working. I wonder...
  3. wizard99

    Windows File Server Security - Advised to Disable - What Does It Control?

    After changing the 5001 Port on my NAS and performing other needed updates, I began chasing down all the Security Advisor recommendations on my 2600... The last one was to DISABLE the SYSTEM RULE for the Destination Port of the Windows File Server on the Firewall. After Disabling this, I have...
  4. fredbert

    Since when did SRM have "Grant the administrator privilege to this user"?

    Doing some housekeeping on the RT2600ac and clicked on a user's Edit button. I then saw an option I'm sure I haven't seen before, namely "Grant the administrator privilege to this user". I'm sure managing admin privilege has been a once-only event: if you use a different name for the...
  5. miltosz

    RT2600ac Child Web filter 24/24 & 1/24 Allow list , can run together ?

    How can I give to my children access to a pages, just one hour in total - or a specific time, all day and run together the Child Web filter to be active 24/24 hours? example To have a total of 1 hour a day to enter & , but the Child Web filter to be active all day...
  6. N

    How to access my NAS from the outside if my router runs through a VPN tunnel?

    Hi all, I have a Syno MR2200 router and a NAS on the LAN side. The NAS is accessible from the outside. I managed to configure the router as a VPN client, so all my traffic can benefit from a VPN service. However, this prevents my NAS to be reachable from outside, which is a must. Is there any...
  7. wizard99

    R2600- Change HTTP to HTTPS

    I've recently changed from "Non-Secure HTTP" to "Secure HTTPS" for my 215J. This was not a easy task as I had attempted to perform this numerous times prior with the result being locked out. After following all the instructions, and being pleasantly surprised that the software "Automatically"...
  8. RoCaRay

    RT2600ac - Any Major Hardware Changes since 2016?

    Is anyone aware of significant hardware engineering changes to the RT2600ac since 2016? I'm deciding how to deploy two routers: an older RT2600ac and a brand-new RT2600ac. The older router is currently installed in a heavily-used local environment. The new remote environment will be...
  9. Geodude

    Connected Cell Phones Not Listed in SRM Threat Prevention => Settings => Devices Screen

    I must be overlooking or forgetting something obvious, but why are my currently connected cell phones not listed in the Threat Prevention => Settings => Devices tab screen of SRM for my RT2600ac router?? The phones are actively connected to the wireless network and are in use, but do not appear...
  10. johntdavis

    RT2600ac Set MTU? Set MTU separately for ethernet ports and wifi? VLAN Support?

    Two questions: Is it possible to set the MTU to 9000 (Jumbo Frames) on the RT2600ac? Put aside for the moment whether it's a good idea. I have devices on my internal network that could theoretically benefit from doing it, so I'm curious. Neither Automatic nor Manual mode in Network Center -->...
  11. B

    router trendnet tew-829dru not in the list for ds218j nas

    My router is not listed, which router could I select to proceed with the setup?
  12. X

    AC power supply extension wire

    Hi, I would like to buy a wire extension for the RT2600ac AC adpater (power suply) because I've the plug a bit far 3mt and I would like to know if a extension wire 2.1mm x 5.5mm male / female will be the right one .. I've the original Synology AC ADAPTER 42W_1_EU thanks!
  13. wizard99

    RT2600ac Synology Mesh - Encouraging Closest Clients to Attach / Why is this such a Mystery?

    Having auditioned and returned several MESH products from multiple manufacturers in the last 2 years, and since I already have a DS215J that continues to perform after 5 years, I finally brought in a MR2600 4 months ago and added two 2200’s (with one connected via BackHaul-Ethernet) in my...
  14. X

    SSTP Vpn Windows 10 Pro issue ("The certificate’s CN name does not match the passed value")

    I've also configured SSTP Vpn and I got an issue in MS WIndows 10 Pro (not in Android). I configure the Windows VPN to use SSTP and if I select SSTP VPn and put "" and Connect... I got an issue with "The certificate’s CN name does not match the passed...
  15. X

    OpenVPN, dns request to SRM router not working?

    I've configured the OpenVPN server in SRM (in vpn plus server), and I've checked the 'allow clients to access local server LAN', and also the SRM internal ip address ( for 'manual DNS' Of course using OpenVPN subnetwork ( I'm able to connect to the VPN (with exported...
  16. pajczur

    Router "checking network environment" failed

    Hello, I try to configure a NAS for External Access wth that tutorial: Configuring a NAS for External Access I have in my router enabled UPnP. But I get error while trying to "set up router". The error happens when "checking network environment" (please find enclosed screenshot). It says...
  17. pajczur

    How to connect with DS220j while router is in bridge mode?

    I warmly welcome, I'm a little messed up. I played some tutorials, and accidentally launched Bridge mode on my router. Now I can't get to my NAS. Even cannot find it. I would like to turn off this damn bridge mode in the router, but I have no idea how to do it. I dug...
  18. K

    RT2600ac Network traffic in taskbar.

    I'm wondering if anyone could tell me how I add the network traffic information to the taskbar of my RT2600ac. I've watched videos and noticed screenshots with it there (beside the notifications bubble), but can't for the life of me find it in any of the settings. I've been through every package...
  19. M

    RT2600ac SRM web page access from smart phone?

    Hello. when I access SRM web page from smart phone, it's redirect to DS Router app link. It is not what I wanted... How can I access SRM web page from mobile phone? like access it from the Desktop PC.
  20. M

    RT2600ac MAX speed of 5G USB tethering on RT2600ac?

    Hello. My phone's maximum speed of 5G is about the 300~400mbps. but, Seedtest of 5G with RT2600ac's USB tethering is 100mbps. Was it originally designed like this? if so how can I release this limit?