1. J

    SD card disappeared

    Neighbor and longtime friend’s house on another mountain just got internet service 6 months ago, and he bought a RT2600ac. I set it up for him, and a plain vanilla mode 10 SD Card was used for TP. (Shortly after setting it up a discussion elsewhere led to me replacing my mode 10 SD card in my...
  2. G

    2 NAS under the same router

    Hello, I have 2 different synology NAS on the same network. I would like to use cloud station server on both NAS and avoid using quickconnect (syncing is too slow with quickconnect). How can i do this ? Unfortunately, cloud station server uses port 6690 and cannot be modified. So i cannot...
  3. R

    RT2600ac Strange issue with RT2600ac

    I have only owned the router for a few weeks and it has been working quite well. The system is up to date, and it isn't really customized other than my kids having their own set safe zones, and their stuff is on the guest network. Last night my son was trying to connect his Oculus to the...
  4. P

    VPN Connection - Notification?

    Is there any way to get a notification when someone connects to a VPN (RT2600ac and OpenVPN)? I realize you can check the logs but this is not real time. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!
  5. N

    RT2600ac Howto remove device from broadcast storm protection

    I use MAC filtering and _had_ broadcast storm protection enabled. I discovered recently one phone (iPhone 11) apparently blocked by the broadcast storm protection listed as such in the MAC Filter page. I've disabled the storm protection ; rebooted the router, but no success, it still can't...
  6. T

    DS920+ connection with router

    Hi All, I've just bought and installed fresh a new DS920+ with 2 x 8TB IronWolf Seagate disks. I hope you can help me here with my thread, as I'm new to how to setup a server properly. I'm facing issues with accessing NAS via internet, i.e. I mean an external internet access to my DS920+ (not...
  7. Lieven

    New SRM

    Hi, Is there a release date for new SRM based on DSM 7 ? thx
  8. wizard99

    Unknown Ports Auto-Opened

    Recently moved from a 215J to a 920+ and have added just a few packages so far such as PLEX and Moments / Photos. While checking the Port Forwarding page on my 2600 to eventually delete the unneeded Open Ports assigned from the old 215J, I discovered 16 individually assigned Open Ports for the...
  9. nthkmf

    Cannot access to control MR2200ac?

    Dear Bro, I have just attached to my router a RT2600ac (as primary AP) and MR2200ac (as Wi-Fi point). I can search all of them, but I cannot access to the MR2200ac to control it. I can connect to RT2600ac at, I know the IP of MR2200ac: but...
  10. D

    RT2600ac RT2600AC Slow boot

    My RT2600AC's boot speed has decreased to the point where my Security System now shows that it takes at least 3 minutes to re-boot the router, from signal loss to the time the signal comes back. Even after I can bring up the log-on page for the router, I get a message that the router is busy...
  11. tonygaddr

    SRM Operation Mode

    SRM RT2600ac - Network Centre - Operation Mode Virginmedia Superhub 3 (modem mode) Which mode should be selected: Wireless Router (presently selected) or Wireless AP If change to 'Wireless AP' will this effect access to my data on Diskstation DS720+
  12. paradeiser

    RT2600ac breaks HyperBackup (MTU Size?)

    I do HyperBackups every night to a remote target-DS - it used to work fine for years now. Recently, I replaced the old router (Netgear) on the target-site with a new Synology RT2600ac. Since this "upgrade" I get HyperBackup errors and also the entire WAN access breaks down (on the target site)...
  13. C

    RT2600ac Help : RT2600ac and a huawey LMT 4G - not working :(

    Hi, I'm desperately trying this simple usage : Home network -> RT2600ac -> LMT 4G (internet) RT config is : primary interface - IP address : Subnet : GW : DNS Server : Set as default GW : Enable LMT config is : DHCP : up to 255...
  14. wizard99

    Firewall Exception to Eliminate "User Privilege Gain" Alerts from VoIP

    I've enacted all the Security recommendations both from the Advisor and from general good practices for the 2600, and have been trying to eliminate as many False Alerts as possible being sent to my In Box. I found my ObI VOIP was the source of Alerts every time I picked up the phone. I...
  15. C

    NAS connected to local network but no internet?

    Hi experts, I have connected my NAS 112j to local network via cable and am able to connect to the NAS with my PC/iPad. However the NAS does not have connection to the internet and can for instance not update/download apps. What am I missing in my setup? The UPnP is enabled on the router. Is...
  16. K

    RT2600ac Safe Access wired network issue

    So, I recently updated my router to 1.2.5-8227 and I've just noticed that Safe Access is no longer showing wired or ethernet connections when it was on the previous release. My current configurtion is RT2600AC with the MR2200AC as the mesh router. It is configured as an AP with another router...
  17. fredbert

    Safe Access High volume of alerts for 'security reasons (malicious)'

    This is a story, or sorts, about getting a noisy security alert. Starting around 21:00 last Friday evening (28th May) I got a few and then a lot of Safe Access alerts about local devices trying to access Checking on AbuseDB I find I'm not alone. The AbuseDB lookup indicated...
  18. K

    Site-to-site performance issues

    Hello, I've recently installed two RT2600ac - one at my home and another at a remote location. I have a Synology NAS at each location (DS1821+) to provide offite backup VPN plus has been set up with site-to-site VPN between the two. The connection works and is stable. My home internet is...
  19. fredbert

    SRM Update SRM 1.2.5-8227

    Updated v1.2.5 that addresses bugs found in '-8225', see item 2 in Important Note. Version: 1.2.5-8227 (2021-05-25) Important Note The update will be available for selected regions within the following weeks, although the release time in each region may vary slightly. This update includes...
  20. D

    RT2600ac Network Center directories hidden

    Hi. Had my rt2600ac for a month or so. Had 8081-2 update and updated to 125 today. My network center has hidden the port forwarding and traffic control options. They flash up sometimes when I log in but immediately disappear. I am left with Status, Internet, Security, Operation Modes only...