A router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks. Routers perform the traffic directing functions on the Internet. Data sent through the internet, such as a web page or email, is in the form of data packets. A packet is typically forwarded from one router to another router through the networks that constitute an internetwork (e.g. the Internet) until it reaches its destination node.A router is connected to two or more data lines from different networks. When a data packet comes in on one of the lines, the router reads the network address information in the packet to determine the ultimate destination. Then, using information in its routing table or routing policy, it directs the packet to the next network on its journey.
The most familiar type of routers are home and small office routers that simply forward IP packets between the home computers and the Internet. An example of a router would be the owner's cable or DSL router, which connects to the Internet through an Internet service provider (ISP). More sophisticated routers, such as enterprise routers, connect large business or ISP networks up to the powerful core routers that forward data at high speed along the optical fiber lines of the Internet backbone. Though routers are typically dedicated hardware devices, software-based routers also exist.

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  1. R

    Should I update to SRM 1.3.1 Update 1?

    RT2600AC SRM1.2.5 has been working fine, and I'm afraid to update to SRM 1.3.1 Update 1 since I understand you can't go back. I have a simple home network that I've spent weeks learning and refining the Firewall and Threat Prevention. Are there any compelling new features or speed improvements...
  2. quokka

    RT1900ac Locks up/requires restart each night

    So my RT1900ac has recently started misbehaving, some devices just losing 2.4GHz connection (5GHz devices stable), requires a nightly restart otherwise it becomes unresponsive. By that I mean all LED indicators look normal and it pings, but it's not passing any wired/wireless traffic and web...
  3. R

    Firewall Blocks Still Reach Threat Prevention

    I have setup the router's (2600, V1.2.5) firewall to block entire subnets, e.g. -, yet threat IP addresses within this subnet still are dropped by Threat Prevention. I know the firewall is working because I get many hits on the blocked subnet. Is TP before the firewall...
  4. Jan Janowski

    RT2600ac Work Around for Synology Assistant issue since SRM 1.3.1-1

    Since SRM 1.3.1-1 I'm finding that Synology Assistant (Though continues to work with NAS's) no longer works like before with new SRM on my 2600. You select the login and hit Synolgy Assistant graphic Arrow as ussual.... AND NOTHING HAPPENS! No proceed to Password entry... Hangs! First work...
  5. Jan Janowski

    RT2600ac Firewall vs 2 new rules in SRM 1.3.1-1

    This is more SRM 1.3.1-1 than RT2600ac specific. Something has been bugging me: I use IPV4 settings here. In SRM settings, I have disabled IPV6, and at bottom of firewall list I have the IPV6 rules that don’t match set for deny. Yet in SRM 1.3.1-1, TWO new firewall rules were added: One of...
  6. D

    Ways to detect upstream network failure for log

    Can anyone think of a way to detect upstream network failure from SRM. Maybe a periodic ping with a log entry for no-reply with time and date stamp. I have a new ISP and I think I am getting some network failures and I want to detect them directly from my router. Thanks, David
  7. R

    Do Firewall Rules Prevent IPs from Reaching Threat Prevention?

    If the Firewall has a rule to block an entire IP range, say, will Threat Prevention still react to threat IP in that range or do those IPs blocked at the firewall not reach TP?
  8. fredbert

    Safe Access SRM 1.3 new options for Safe Access

    Having just upgraded SRM to 1.3.1 I was looking at what's changed and notice two new settings that address DNS over HTTPS and Apple's iCloud Relay. Both these interfere with Safe Access's ability to apply web filtering. First, Apple's iCloud Relay gets a Block setting in each Profile within...
  9. F

    RT6600ax VPN speed between wan and lan

    Hi, My RT6600AX is behind a ISP box in DMZ. The connection is capable of 2 gbps down and 700mbits up. In front of it there is a 5g android connection whose speedtest indicates 180mbits down. Openvpn WAN : The openvpn connection is ok with the default cipher choice (aes256). The speed is...
  10. Jan Janowski

    Threat Prevention TP Update (removes reference to higher end product if you are not using it)

    Still on SRM 1.2.5-5... TP informs it has an update.... (V1.2.5-0805) I'm still awaiting Signatures to be updated, but it now says it will remove higher end (PRO) access reference if you were not using them already... I'm not... After Database load.... to USB Drive.... and updates itself.... I...
  11. P

    RT2600ac How do I open port 443?

    I have been futzing around with this for weeks. I'm hoping someone can help. I am running a VM on my Synology NAS with it's own IP ( I have configured a port forwarding (443 to 443) rule in my RT2600ac, and let it automatically create the firewall rules. I have my domain name...
  12. Cyberwasp

    vpn router setup

    Hey everybody. I finally setup the Synology VPN and can access it from the outside. Unfortunately, my Netgear routers upnp picked up the address plus others making my NAS open to everyone. If I disabled Upnp on the router and put the vpn port in the regular port forwarding, will that resolve...
  13. Z

    How To Configure Private IP address Ranges for Multiple Sub-Networks on RT6600ax Correctly?

    Hi everyone: I'm trying to set up customized Private IP address ranges with the RT6600ax and am having some problems. I'm using SRM 1.3.1-9346 and I think these questions probably apply to all other Synology routers as well. Below are my questions, a little background, and the ranges I'm trying...
  14. Jan Janowski

    Confusion over VLAN Upgrade

    After going over v1.3 manual and other information pieces on VLAN I still have questions. I have two groups of items: Cameras, and TV’s and other AV Items that in a perfect world I would like to isolate from computers. (Already Isolate NAS’s from these via Firewall of NAS’s, one of which allows...
  15. N

    router RT2600 or RT6600

    Just wondering if anybody has a perspective on the value of the RT6600ax over the RT2600ac I currently have an RT2600ac, and it looks like its ethernet ports are going bad. I can't get a reliable Ethernet connection DHCP allocation on any ports ~ I can do it on WiFi - a bit weird. I have had...
  16. LeeH

    RT2600ac RT2600 5G Dongle or Router Options

    Does the RT2600 support any 5G dongles? I would like to have 5G as my main broardband as my FTTC connecion is poor but keep it as a fall over. Option 1 - use a USB dongle with an external antenna Option 2 - use a router in modem mode, also needs an external antenna option Any...
  17. P

    RT6600ax VLANs support across mulitple RT6600ax to RT2600ac

    I was wondering if any one else has tried this, I have been trying for the last couple of days and seem to be going around in circles. I have an RT6600AX configured with a IOT vlan this is connected via the Lan port 1 (Trunking) 2.5GB to an unmanaged switch, the RT2600ac via (trunking port) is...
  18. N

    RT2600ac A Network Trojan was Detected

    I wonder if anybody has some advice, my RT2600 Threat Prevention has started detecting Event Type: A Network Trojan was Detected Signature: ET INFO Terse Unencrypted Request for Google - Likely Connectivity Check Severity: high Status Drop on my wifes laptop, every 11minutes while active -...
  19. D

    Apparent internal DNS issue

    I have a brandy new RT6600ax which I have just installed to replace my old Netgear Router. I have a DS216+ running DSM 7.1 on this network and it runs AD, DHCP, and DNS servers. The DS216+ is and it forwards dns requests to the router at I am running a DNS server on the...
  20. N

    MR2200ac lan problem

    Hello, I have RT2600ac with 3 MR2200ac with MESH. I connected them with switch and lan cables. Sometimes MR2200ac do something beacuse every device lost lan connection in the same switch. If I unplugged the MR2200ac the connection good again. What was the problem? Thank you!