1. J

    add router to Domain

    Hi, I try to to add my router (RT2600ac) to my domain. But after that i don't have internet connection on my devices. I think it's a dns problem. Do i need to change the settings on my dns server? Or do i need to add a second dns somewhere?
  2. JME81

    SRM, Guest Wireless and PiHole

    I have the latest SRM. I am using SRM DHCP for my internal LAN. I have the DNS pointing to PiHole (separate computer) which is working great- all devices are being filtered by it. I've decided to turn on Guest Wireless (password protected) and have my phone on it. Guest Wifi has it's on IP...
  3. O

    Installed new Router ASUS RT-AX58U, lost Synology Drive-connection

    Since I upgraded my router I can't access my Synology Drive anymore. I've portforwarded 6690 just as before but Drive Client on my PCs can't connect. I've tried creating the link once again and it can't connect. I've portforwarded a bounce of other stuff in my router and that seems to work but...
  4. fredbert

    Info Port forwarding rules not have to generate firewall rules

    I just noticed the Setting button on the General tab of Network Center's Port Forwarding page. Throwing caution to the wind I clicked it and found three options. Two are for UPnP and I have UPnP disabled, but the third, when enabled, will auto-generate firewall rules for the port-forwarders...
  5. scottydj2

    Question Am I missing a static route??

    Hi, I'm looking for some help from the collective with a site to site VPN link. It's a satellite office link to main HQ and has been running quite happily with 2 RT2600ac routers in site to site mode. Now the satellite office is being upgraded to a 4G LTE link, so can no longer use...
  6. Shadow

    Info Threat Prevention - Ignore Site-to-Site VPN tunnels

    There is still no option in the Threat Prevention package to tell it to ignore Site-to-Site VPN tunnels that has been setup with VPNPlus... Even an option to tell it to ignore This type of traffic should be threated like internal LAN traffic, and not to give alerts (or block) like it's coming...
  7. daptap

    Is a firewall rule stopping my openvpn connection from local access?

    I have my DS718+ running a vpn server with openvpn protocol. LE certificate is valid. I can connect and view my cameras through Blue Iris ios app (BI is hosted on a local computer). However, when I connect my laptop to the vpn when travelling, I can't access my drives on the DS. Is one of...
  8. daptap

    DoH (DNS over HTTPS) w/ pihole in docker on DSM

    Is anyone successfully running a pihole on their DS (in docker) with DoH (DNS over HTTPS) enabled on the router? I can get each working separately but not together. When enabling DoH, it greys out the primary DNS field at Network Center < Local Network < DHCP Server < Primary DNS, which is...
  9. johntdavis

    Firewall Rules: Allowed IPs and Threat Prevention?

    Quick question, but probably one that betrays how little I actually understand Threat Prevention at the moment. If I create a firewall rule that allows traffic from a range of IPs, will threat prevention just ignore those? I use a particular remote desktop streaming service that's generating a...
  10. johntdavis

    Firewall Setup Question

    Hello, I have a question about my firewall setup. So far, I've not done anything specific to it. When the router was first plugged in, it asked me to set up a bunch of automatic rules, and I let it do that so I could get through the setup process. Presently, it looks like this: Some of this...
  11. johntdavis

    Hung SD Card Format?

    Well, I'll admit it up front: I goofed. Or at least, I think I did. I'm trying to format an SD card using the router's built-in card formattter. The card had two partitions, since it used to be a bootable MicroSD card for a Raspberry Pi. The router had no issue formatting the larger partition...
  12. johntdavis

    RT2600ac Official/Licensed Wall Mount Options?

    Hello, I would like to mount my RT2600ac to the wall to get it away from hardware interfering with the radio signal, but the placement of the legs makes that really difficult. Is there any official/licensed mount plate or similar product to make this easier? I found some 3D printed solutions...
  13. A

    why router IP couldn't open

    I have a Synology router. I wanted to login to router admin control page. To log in to that page, an IP address is required and I entered as default IP. But it couldn't connect at that time. At the time of router set up, it connected with this IP but this time the problem with IP...
  14. akahan

    Threat Prevention Threat Intelligence Database Behaving Strangely - for you too?

    With threat intelligence database enabled, if I try to go to (a completely legitimate site), a very strange thing happens: Because that site has HSTS, it forces me to https, and I get a certificate mismatch error page from the browser. On looking at the details of the...
  15. D

    Question Switch type for IP cameras with Surveillance Station

    Hello, I'm going to be installing 5 cameras around my home to use with Surveillance Station but am unsure what type of PoE switch to get. From the attachment this is how I would like it set up. Would a regular PoE switch work for the IP cameras without having bandwidth issues or do I need a...
  16. jono

    Solved Block access to router over internet? (Just access via VPN)

    I have SSL VPN running on my RT2600ac router, and created an SSL certificate for it using a domain name I own via Control Panel > Services > Certificate ( ). That works fine, but I also noticed that my router can be accessed externally using that domain name (...
  17. B

    URL log for 2600ac

    Hi, First post so please be gentle ... I am looking for a way to have a searchable URL log for individual clients on the network. Am aware that SRM provides some level of logging but this seems very basic and cant pin down individual network users accessing specific url's for up to a month. I am...
  18. MadBrit

    Question About SRM and Security

    Hi SynoFans, Excuse my ignorance, but I'm a first time poster and new to Synology tech. Not 100% sure where to post this, but thanks for any help in advance. Please move to another thread if not applicable. RT2600AC / SRM 1.2.3-8017 Update 4 I installed ntop-ng (network monitoring) on a linux...
  19. akahan

    SRM Update SRM Version: 1.2.3-8017-5

    Version: 1.2.3-8017-5 (2019-12-17) Important Note The update will be available for selected regions within the following weeks, although the release time in each region may vary slightly. Fixed Issues Fixed an issue related to the power density of Synology Router used in Europe.
  20. JME81

    Assign DNS name to non Windows? DNSMasq?

    With DD WRT any host I would assign a name to would be pingable internally by that name; with SRM, it's not. Is it possible to do this? I have a few devices such as a Linux box that I can't ping by it's host name and I have that I'd like to ping by a host name.