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    NAS RackStation RS1619xs+

    SynoMan submitted a new resource: RackStation RS1619xs+ - 1U rackmount flagship aims for file collaboration and high-performance computation Read more about this resource...
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    NAS RackStation RS1619xs+

    Fast storage with outstanding computing power RS1619xs+ is a high-performance and scalable 1U rackmount NAS designed with upgradable memory and M.2 SSD cache configuration to meet the needs of modern businesses that require a flexible, reliable, and efficient storage solution. For more...
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    Question Raid type for RS1619xs+

    I’m looking to pickup a RS1619xs+ for my business. I recently purchased a DS718+ for a client of mine, where I’m using SHR1 for raid. I like the SHR raid type because you can later add bigger drives and then expand the volume. With the xs models SHR is not available due to the fact this is...