1. N

    Broadcom 57412 Driver / RS3617RPxs

    Hi, Can someone tell me if they are any way to install a driver to handle my Broadcom 57412 in my Synology RS3617RPxs? I have installed the network card in my Synology but DSM not showing the network card. Here is the network card i'm trying deal with: Here is my Synology information...
  2. SynoMan

    NAS RackStation RS3617RPxs

    SynoMan submitted a new resource: RackStation RS3617RPxs - Highly scalable NAS designed for virtualization, data-intensive applications and service continuity Read more about this resource...
  3. SynoMan

    NAS RackStation RS3617RPxs

    Powerful storage solution RS3617RPxs provides rock-solid storage solution with great performance with over 134,688 random read IOPS and 4,380 MB/s sequential read throughput (Please visit the performance page for test environment). DDR4 ECC UDIMM guarantees data accuracy and performance for...