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  1. quokka

    RT1900ac Locks up/requires restart each night

    So my RT1900ac has recently started misbehaving, some devices just losing 2.4GHz connection (5GHz devices stable), requires a nightly restart otherwise it becomes unresponsive. By that I mean all LED indicators look normal and it pings, but it's not passing any wired/wireless traffic and web...
  2. SynoMan

    Router RT1900ac

    RT1900ac - Router designed for homes and offices for speeds up to 1900Mbps Read more about this resource...
  3. SynoMan

    Router RT1900ac

    Simultaneous dual-band at 2.4GHz & 5GHz for up to 1900Mbps Robust coverage with Beamforming Support Application layer Quality of Service (QoS) allows total control of your network environment Intuitive Parental Control with built-in DNS-based web filter Revolutionary interface - Synology Router...
  4. R

    RT2600ac Strange issue with RT2600ac

    I have only owned the router for a few weeks and it has been working quite well. The system is up to date, and it isn't really customized other than my kids having their own set safe zones, and their stuff is on the guest network. Last night my son was trying to connect his Oculus to the...
  5. Series - How to setup and configure a Synology Router

    Series - How to setup and configure a Synology Router

    This series of videos looks at how you set up a Synology (RT1900ac or RT2600ac) router. We will be looking at how you set up the main features of this model of router, reviewing everything from its basic configuration, through to its more advanced features. See all video's on the blog page...
  6. wwwampy

    RT2600ac Should I buy it?

    I'm thinking about buying this Synology router: Synology RT2600ac │ AC2600 high-speed Wi-Fi router │ Parental controls & security │ | Synology Inc. It's not cheap, RT1900ac is cheaper but older. I also like this video review: I guess it's better to buy RT2600ac anyway... *also, I'm not...