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  1. S

    RT2600ac Safe Access does not apply to wired computers on LAN. Is it only me?

    Hello to the Forum! I finally came down to playing with Safe Access - the reason I bought this router in the first place. I tried with my own laptop. My laptop is known to the router under 2 MACs and IP addresses - wired and wifi, depending whether it's connected to its dock. I have added both...
  2. T

    RT2600ac Router overrides Traefik certs with self-signed

    Following an internet disruption or modem reboot my router will provide its own self-signed cert instead of Traefik's container-specific certs running on my DS218+. I can delete the default cert present in /usr/syno/etc/ssl but they just regenerate when the router is rebooted. How do I stop...
  3. SynoMan

    Router RT2600ac

    RT2600ac - Blazing-fast Wi-Fi with up to 2.53Gbps combined wireless bandwidth Read more about this resource...
  4. SynoMan

    Router RT2600ac

    Blazing-fast Wi-Fi with up to 2.53Gbps combined wireless bandwidth to supercharge your Internet experience. RT2600ac is a powerful wireless router for homes and small offices seeking to understand, control, and secure their network. Now coming with mesh Wi-Fi technology, its coverage becomes...
  5. Q

    RT2600ac - route from incoming VPN client to LAN at end of site-to-site VPN

    Hi all, Due to an "upgrade" my ISP installed recently, I'm now unable to establish a VPN connection to a remote RT2600ac router (router A). I can however establish a VPN connection to another RT2600ac router (router B). Router A and router B are connected via a site-to-site VPN connection...
  6. Chase

    RT2600ac Compatibility with DS1520+ not listed?

    Is anyone using the RT2600 with the DS1520+? I'm wondering why they are not listed as being compatible on the Synology website? Any help and/or education would be appreciated.
  7. J

    RT2600ac Repurposing the rt2600ac?

    Is there a way to wipe the OS from the rt2600ac and load Linux on it in order to repurpose it for something other than use as a router?
  8. JME81

    pfSense and RT2600ac

    I'm looking at getting a Netgate 2100 and configuring my home network with pfSense. I know that I can place the RT2600ac in wireless mose, but can I create an internal Wifi network and Guest wifi? Is that possible?
  9. Jan Janowski

    Mudslide and RT2600ac shutdown procedure?

    Heavy rains caused a mudslide to wipe out the power feed to our entire area... 3-4 days to return power reliably.... We're on Generator, but only for a few hours at a time, to keep fridge and freezer cold... and UPS's are only for the 30 seconds before generator kicks in.... I know how to...
  10. tonygaddr

    rt2600ac Mesh Network

    Have 2 x rt2600ac routers - would like to know if possible to connect both as a mesh network. Is this possible. If so can you point me to some 'how to' help. Have tried setting one up as AP but cannot combine into same wifi network/name. I can find loads of help connect rt2600ac and mr2200ac...
  11. tonygaddr

    Newbie - RT2600ac VPN Plus Server

    Newbie Questions Q1 'Synology VPN Plus' on rt2600a - does installing 'Synology VPN Plus' work similar to other VPN providers (NordVPN, Surfshark etc) - does it compete well. Q2 Does 'Synology VPN Plus' effect the speed much (am on Virgin Broadband 360). Q3 As home user is it worth installing...
  12. thehotiron

    Photo Backup Not Automatic With VPN Active Outside of Home Network

    Hi - I don't recall how long it has been, but when I am away from my home network - which has a Synology RT2600ac router - Photo Backup in the DS Photo app is not automatic, and even when I try to manually run it, photos simply don't upload. I am running NordVPN on my iPhone. However this is not...
  13. D

    RT2600ac RT2600AC Slow boot

    My RT2600AC's boot speed has decreased to the point where my Security System now shows that it takes at least 3 minutes to re-boot the router, from signal loss to the time the signal comes back. Even after I can bring up the log-on page for the router, I get a message that the router is busy...
  14. paradeiser

    RT2600ac breaks HyperBackup (MTU Size?)

    I do HyperBackups every night to a remote target-DS - it used to work fine for years now. Recently, I replaced the old router (Netgear) on the target-site with a new Synology RT2600ac. Since this "upgrade" I get HyperBackup errors and also the entire WAN access breaks down (on the target site)...
  15. C

    RT2600ac Help : RT2600ac and a huawey LMT 4G - not working :(

    Hi, I'm desperately trying this simple usage : Home network -> RT2600ac -> LMT 4G (internet) RT config is : primary interface - IP address : Subnet : GW : DNS Server : Set as default GW : Enable LMT config is : DHCP : up to 255...
  16. johntdavis

    RT2600ac AT&T Fiber Gigabit Ethernet--Massive Upload Speed Loss

    Hello! I just got AT&T Fiber 1 gigabit/sec internet installed. With my computer connected directly to the internet, I'm getting amazing speeds with the Google Fiber Speed Test. DOWNLOAD 944 Mbps UPLOAD 1245 Mbps When I add the RT2600ac to the mix, things do not go so well. I've got Threat...
  17. daptap

    Helping friend set up VPN on rt2600ac - DDNS vs actual domain (like namesilo)

    So, I'm using openvpn set up on my NAS. I don't have an official domain (from namesilo or godaddy or anything); I just point the openvpn config file to the DDNS set up on synology (xxxxxx.synology.me). Things seem to work fine for me. I've been helping a friend (good for me to learn again...
  18. RoCaRay

    RT2600ac - Any Major Hardware Changes since 2016?

    Is anyone aware of significant hardware engineering changes to the RT2600ac since 2016? I'm deciding how to deploy two routers: an older RT2600ac and a brand-new RT2600ac. The older router is currently installed in a heavily-used local environment. The new remote environment will be...
  19. V

    trying to get a working certificate on RT2600ac for openVPN access

    A couple of weeks ago I updated my RT2600ac to SRM 1.2.4-8081 Update 2. Over the course of a week or so, I ended up having to hard reset the router 3 times as it would keep dropping all network connections. Unplugging and rebooting the router would not work. Each time I restored my...
  20. Geodude

    Connected Cell Phones Not Listed in SRM Threat Prevention => Settings => Devices Screen

    I must be overlooking or forgetting something obvious, but why are my currently connected cell phones not listed in the Threat Prevention => Settings => Devices tab screen of SRM for my RT2600ac router?? The phones are actively connected to the wireless network and are in use, but do not appear...