1. M

    RT2600ac SRM web page access from smart phone?

    Hello. when I access SRM web page from smart phone, it's redirect to DS Router app link. It is not what I wanted... How can I access SRM web page from mobile phone? like access it from the Desktop PC.
  2. M

    RT2600ac MAX speed of 5G USB tethering on RT2600ac?

    Hello. My phone's maximum speed of 5G is about the 300~400mbps. but, Seedtest of 5G with RT2600ac's USB tethering is 100mbps. Was it originally designed like this? if so how can I release this limit?
  3. K

    VPN Plus Routing

    Hey All, I've been looking high and low through the google machine for an answer to this and I've not been able to find one. I'm looking to use VPN Plus into my RT2600 and then forward my internal IP that I get to my DS220j and then out through the VPN on the NAS, is this possible? If so, what...
  4. RoCaRay

    Any concerns with MoCA (Ethernet to Coax) uplink connection between RT2600ac and MR2200ac?

    I'm considering wired uplink connections between an RT2600ac and two MR2200ac. There are several unused coax lines for cable TV in our house. Installation of new Ethernet wiring to these locations would be difficult. So I've just started looking at MoCA Network Adapters such as the Actiontec...
  5. ddmunhoz

    RT2600ac Port Security - Another security layer

    Hello Everyone! I hope you are all having a nice Christmas! So today I have something new, something that bugged me for a while: Keeping VPN ports open on my router when not needed. On my case, all of our devices "call back" home VPN when away. But doing so means leaving ports open 24/7 and...
  6. johntdavis

    RT2600ac Unmanaged Switches/Entry Level Managed Switches for RT2600ac?

    I find myself needing at least another 2-4 ethernet ports into my router, and I'm resigned to the fact I need to buy a switch. At least there are still open power outlets on the UPS... Right now, I think I'd be fine with an unmanaged switch, though if I had a managed switch I would certainly...
  7. B

    Safe Access for family security - advice

    Hi All, I am looking for a cost effective turnkey solution to provide a more intuitive solution to my current Asus AC 68u with regards to securing my network for young teens. I am hoping that SRM can provide this and maybe enable my wife to become involved in monitoring the kids activity...
  8. T

    Video Station at Synology RT2600AC

    Dear Friends, I have Synology RT2600AC router. I've connected USB HDD and installed Media Station. Everything works excellent, but I need Video Station as well to see thumbnails for video files through DLNA. I tried to manually install different Video Station packages from Synology archives...
  9. horizonbrave

    RT2600ac misterious DHCP reservation entry which I cannot delete

    Hi, there's a DHCP reservation entry that I cannot delete. Even after selecting it and clicking on remove it shows up again immediately. I never created it. Is it from the router itself or the modem maybe? The IP is I just deleted its entry from "DHCP List" and it doesn't show up...
  10. B

    Re-Mounting USB Drive - RT2600ac

    So I’ve just bought the RT2600 and attached a WD portable USB drive to it. It’s formatted for MacOS extended and everything is working great and very quickly for streaming to my AppleTV. Hibernation must not be supported as logs show it’s waking up every ten minutes through the night. I can...
  11. J

    rt2600ac Flashing Green

    My Synology rt2600ac router's status light is flashing green. It never goes solid. The manual says that this means "finding device". There's no USB or printer or anything connected. I cannot access the device. does not connect. The other status lights seems to work...
  12. B

    HELP!! Synology MR2200ac and RT2600ac and LAN

    Hiya, Got these today and set them up but seem to be having a major issue with the LAN port. I had Google WiFi before and I plugged in a ethernet hub into each puck in each room. However when I plug in the hubs into the 2600ac and the 2200ac it does not work and the ethernet devices won't...
  13. monfrair

    any users have edgerouter/opnsense/pfsense with rt2600ac network?

    Has anyone set up or used an edgerouter and or pfsense/opnsense for an extra security with their rt2600ac? Looks like a pretty powerful system and was wondering if anyone had this setup using their rt2600ac as the main gateway and the edgerouter for extra firewall protection...
  14. spacecraft

    Question OpenVPN can't connect my iPhone (iOS 13.4) to RT2600ac

    Hi, I was trying to connect my iPhone to the home router using openVPN protocol and it doesn't connect. I am using Open VPN Connect app on my iPhone This is my router settings I followed the instructions on the export configurations readme.txt file to modify the VPNConfig.ovpn file I am not...
  15. Series - How to setup and configure a Synology Router

    Series - How to setup and configure a Synology Router

    This series of videos looks at how you set up a Synology (RT1900ac or RT2600ac) router. We will be looking at how you set up the main features of this model of router, reviewing everything from its basic configuration, through to its more advanced features. See all video's on the blog page...
  16. DS418play behind my TV

    DS418play behind my TV

    DS418play, modem, RT2600ac router on top shelf, APC BACK-UPS 950VA behind NAS and some old WD external disk for backup. And a TV to hide all network stuff :)
  17. A44B

    rt2600ac still long term buy?

    Looking to reset my router set up, and wondering if the 2600 is still viable in the long term. Given that it is already over 2 years old, will I be able to keep it another 5 years with proper software support and updates? I am not too concerned about the 2600''s performance. I get by with...
  18. johntdavis

    RT2600ac NordVPN and rt2600ac Config (IKEv2/Wireguard?)

    Hello, I just tried to set up NordVPN at the router level using OpenVPN. The good news is that the setup connects. The bad news is I lose about 87 percent of my internet speed (from 230 mbps to ~30 mbps). That is not really workable for me here, so I effectively cannot use the VPN at the...
  19. G

    RT2600ac and MR2200AC GL

    Good day, I recently bought a rt2600ac to replace a netgear r7000. I am very happy so far. I am thinking of getting an mr2200ac router to create a mesh network and have better coverrage around my home. I am wondering of the MR2200AC GL (which is the canadian version) is compatible with the...
  20. johntdavis

    Question Practical Difference Between DS918+ and DS 620slim?

    Hello, I'm interested in buying my first NAS, and in the 6 bay category, these two caught my eye. I'm curious what the actual practical difference is between them. I can see the difference in the specs (the most critical seeming to be the difference in CPU cores), but without practical...