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  1. RoCaRay

    Selling RT2600ac + 2xMR2200ac (U.S. via Amazon)

    A lightly used Synology RT2600ac with two (2) MR2200ac is offered as a package to U.S. SynoForum members at $225.00 + shipping. All items are in excellent condition, including the original retail packaging and manufacturer-supplied accessory items. (Seller has upgraded to 2xRT6600ax.) Please...
  2. Jan Janowski

    RT2600ac Work Around for Synology Assistant issue since SRM 1.3.1-1

    Since SRM 1.3.1-1 I'm finding that Synology Assistant (Though continues to work with NAS's) no longer works like before with new SRM on my 2600. You select the login and hit Synolgy Assistant graphic Arrow as ussual.... AND NOTHING HAPPENS! No proceed to Password entry... Hangs! First work...
  3. Jan Janowski

    RT2600ac Firewall vs 2 new rules in SRM 1.3.1-1

    This is more SRM 1.3.1-1 than RT2600ac specific. Something has been bugging me: I use IPV4 settings here. In SRM settings, I have disabled IPV6, and at bottom of firewall list I have the IPV6 rules that don’t match set for deny. Yet in SRM 1.3.1-1, TWO new firewall rules were added: One of...
  4. P

    RT2600ac How do I open port 443?

    I have been futzing around with this for weeks. I'm hoping someone can help. I am running a VM on my Synology NAS with it's own IP ( I have configured a port forwarding (443 to 443) rule in my RT2600ac, and let it automatically create the firewall rules. I have my domain name...
  5. N

    router RT2600 or RT6600

    Just wondering if anybody has a perspective on the value of the RT6600ax over the RT2600ac I currently have an RT2600ac, and it looks like its ethernet ports are going bad. I can't get a reliable Ethernet connection DHCP allocation on any ports ~ I can do it on WiFi - a bit weird. I have had...
  6. LeeH

    RT2600ac RT2600 5G Dongle or Router Options

    Does the RT2600 support any 5G dongles? I would like to have 5G as my main broardband as my FTTC connecion is poor but keep it as a fall over. Option 1 - use a USB dongle with an external antenna Option 2 - use a router in modem mode, also needs an external antenna option Any...
  7. P

    RT6600ax VLANs support across mulitple RT6600ax to RT2600ac

    I was wondering if any one else has tried this, I have been trying for the last couple of days and seem to be going around in circles. I have an RT6600AX configured with a IOT vlan this is connected via the Lan port 1 (Trunking) 2.5GB to an unmanaged switch, the RT2600ac via (trunking port) is...
  8. N

    RT2600ac A Network Trojan was Detected

    I wonder if anybody has some advice, my RT2600 Threat Prevention has started detecting Event Type: A Network Trojan was Detected Signature: ET INFO Terse Unencrypted Request for Google - Likely Connectivity Check Severity: high Status Drop on my wifes laptop, every 11minutes while active -...
  9. S

    RT2600ac IPv6 working, but IPv4 is limited.

    Hey guys first time poster. Long story short I’ve had the RT2600ac router for a few months now. It’s hooked up to my Motorola MB8611 modem that I just purchased a few days ago. The router was hooked up to a previous modem and had no issues. But now when I hook up my pc to the Motorola modem the...
  10. K

    RT2600ac and MR2200ac mesh Very slow Wifi mesh and using 5ghz-1

    Dear team, using my rt2600 ac 2nd 2 MR2200ac (1 over ethernet 1gb) and the over over wifi my main concern is even the router is very close.. the speed is no more than 280 or 300. the mesh is using the 5ghz-1 that's weird.. any recommendation?
  11. Jan Janowski

    RT2600ac Please explain. Why this subnet?

    Here’s specific on router settings. Now my ISP Uses GSNAT I hear, and it indicates gateway feeding me is Am I correct that the subnet above is necessairy so the IP Can connect to the server at Thanks
  12. Jan Janowski

    RT2600ac Does a VLAN Primer exist?

    Now that V1.3.1 is about to come out for older routers, I find myself realizing that I don’t know a darn thing about VLANS. (I’m self taught). Does such a thing, a primer on VLANS…. Exist for the novice? I’m hoping that something like that, along with a printout for V1.3.1 manual might be good...
  13. D

    RT2600AC VPN to Cisco 3560 VLAN

    Group, I have a Synology RT2600AC that currently has a Site to Site VPN connection with a remote location. I would like to set the router up so that traffic for this VPN connection goes to a specific VLAN on my Cisco 3560G switch. I would like this selected VLAN to be isolated from all other...
  14. S

    RT2600ac Safe Access does not apply to wired computers on LAN. Is it only me?

    Hello to the Forum! I finally came down to playing with Safe Access - the reason I bought this router in the first place. I tried with my own laptop. My laptop is known to the router under 2 MACs and IP addresses - wired and wifi, depending whether it's connected to its dock. I have added both...
  15. T

    RT2600ac Router overrides Traefik certs with self-signed

    Following an internet disruption or modem reboot my router will provide its own self-signed cert instead of Traefik's container-specific certs running on my DS218+. I can delete the default cert present in /usr/syno/etc/ssl but they just regenerate when the router is rebooted. How do I stop...
  16. SynoMan

    Router RT2600ac

    RT2600ac - Blazing-fast Wi-Fi with up to 2.53Gbps combined wireless bandwidth Read more about this resource...
  17. SynoMan

    Router RT2600ac

    Blazing-fast Wi-Fi with up to 2.53Gbps combined wireless bandwidth to supercharge your Internet experience. RT2600ac is a powerful wireless router for homes and small offices seeking to understand, control, and secure their network. Now coming with mesh Wi-Fi technology, its coverage becomes...
  18. Q

    RT2600ac - route from incoming VPN client to LAN at end of site-to-site VPN

    Hi all, Due to an "upgrade" my ISP installed recently, I'm now unable to establish a VPN connection to a remote RT2600ac router (router A). I can however establish a VPN connection to another RT2600ac router (router B). Router A and router B are connected via a site-to-site VPN connection...
  19. Chase

    RT2600ac Compatibility with DS1520+ not listed?

    Is anyone using the RT2600 with the DS1520+? I'm wondering why they are not listed as being compatible on the Synology website? Any help and/or education would be appreciated.
  20. J

    RT2600ac Repurposing the rt2600ac?

    Is there a way to wipe the OS from the rt2600ac and load Linux on it in order to repurpose it for something other than use as a router?