1. S

    RT2600ac Safe Access does not apply to wired computers on LAN. Is it only me?

    Hello to the Forum! I finally came down to playing with Safe Access - the reason I bought this router in the first place. I tried with my own laptop. My laptop is known to the router under 2 MACs and IP addresses - wired and wifi, depending whether it's connected to its dock. I have added both...
  2. BoosterT

    Is it safe to upgrade by now?

    Here's the background. I use a DS1621+ as my main NAS. Its key purpose is a Plex server and for Synology Drive to keep my data files consistent. I flip back and forth between desktop at home and laptop at work, so this is critical. I also have 2 x DS1819+ servers. One is at home and one is at my...
  3. BobW

    What is a safe memory limit for docker containers?

    Sometimes I come across docker-compose files in which a memory limit is set for the docker container. I personally have never done that for my containers, but I was wondering who among you have done that and why? I always thought that Synology's GUI took care of that automatically. So if you...
  4. X

    Question about Safe Access, blocking sites, Cert errors and 3 non located security warning screens

    I've already posted this in Synology official forum, but maybe here I get more help, or quicker :-) I'm getting errors related to Certs Common Name Invalid accesing a concrete url in my browser and I assume it's about Safe Access because: 0. I've an RT2600AC running as a neutral router in my...
  5. K

    RT2600ac Safe Access wired network issue

    So, I recently updated my router to 1.2.5-8227 and I've just noticed that Safe Access is no longer showing wired or ethernet connections when it was on the previous release. My current configurtion is RT2600AC with the MR2200AC as the mesh router. It is configured as an AP with another router...
  6. C

    Are Docker apps safe?

    Forgive me if this is an overly simplistic question, but I love the idea of vm's running programs, which is what Docker means to me when I think of it. I've not implemented it yet, but a few months back there was a report that a significant number of Docker packages has security flaws. For me...
  7. maravac

    Safe Access Safe Access update: v1.2.3-0234

    Release Notes for Safe Access Description: Safe Access integrates advanced parental control and security functions. With Safe Access, you can not only supervise users' Internet behavior, set Internet schedules and time quotas, but also apply web filters to protect certain users and...
  8. fredbert

    Question UPS: When to enter Safe Mode?

    With three smallish APC UPS I decided to re-configure what's connected to each one. The two DSM NAS are to the same UPS so that one monitors and the other shares the status. Up to now I had kept the Safe Mode entry on 'Until low battery' thinking that is would be fairly low but able to withstand...
  9. SynoMan

    Security 10 security tips to keep your data safe from Synology

    To help you protect yourself, Synology compiled a list of important data security settings that are often overlooked. *click the button Go to source page above