1. G

    DSM 7.1 Unable to schedule Data Scrubbing

    Hi. Storage Manager > Storage Pool 1 > Schedule Data Scrubbing Unlike described here, I am unable to select a date for Data Scrubbing. It starts right away when I Save the window, and repeats according selected frequency. I'm not able to set the time for the next Data Scrubbing unlike...
  2. S

    Action rule schedule: Record every 2nd Monday?

    Hello, I already searched the net and this forum but didn't find anything useful - is this issue realy so uncommon? I'd like to make an action rule in surveillance station which is triggerd every second Monday. As far as I can see, the provided schedule works only on a weekly basis. Is there way...
  3. W

    Disable power schedule

    I have a DS720+ which is scheduled to turn off at 10PM and turn on at 8AM, this works fine. My question is, is there a way to disable the schedule when the unit is turned off via the power switch. This is the way my older Netgear ReadyNAS Duo and I find it quite useful. I haven't found a way to...
  4. Telos

    Question Task Schedule output results to User folder?

    I hoped to collect Task Scheduler's output results under my administrator's /home/logs folder... but (oddly?) the /home path isn't available for this, allowing access only to shared folders. Since the setting says... Note: This function is applicable to user-defined scripts only. it seems...
  5. fredbert

    Info Scheduled task - run script to your schedule

    A simple trick to adjust the scheduled run time of a script is to use the unix sleep command as the top of the script. Example: I have a script that copies files from one remote folder to another local one. The remote server creates the new files on each quarter hour. The files take just over a...
  6. RoCaRay

    Power Schedule / Hibernation for Backup-Only NAS

    What's the current thinking regarding power management for a NAS that is used less than 30-minutes every 24-hours, solely for backup? We have a DS1819+ backup NAS with 6x16TB Exos drives - currently running 24/7. I've read and understand comments on this forum and elsewhere regarding the...
  7. NSquirrel

    Power Schedule and Backups

    If I set my NAS to shutdown, say between 11pm and 6am and then set the backup schedule to 2am to a connected USB HD, am I correct in assuming that the backup will wake the NAS; create the backup and then shutdown again? TIA