scheduled task

  1. R

    Run container via a scheduled task on Synology

    I would like to be able to start a container via a basic command line: docker container start rutorrent-vpn However, when the nas runs the script, the container does not start and I get an error message : line 1: docker: command not found The script is running in Root. The 1st script is the...
  2. C

    Editing a task.

    I created several tasks on my nas such as running smart test once a month etc. Somehow I created once to backup my NAS's configuration file but for some reason the log reports it as failed. Trouble is I can't find the sucker to see why it's failing other than the log shows the connection...
  3. Robbie

    Data Scrubbing - Failure to run

    Clicking through the Storage Manager this morning and noticed that the Data Scrubbing task has not been run for over a year (I know, I should pay more attention). I've triggered a manual scrub for now and the NAS is working through that task but I am still puzzled as to why the 'Last run' date...