1. P

    Question Mount / unmount remote folder from script?

    I would like to be able to mount a remote folder (CIFS / SMB), perform an rsync, and dismount the folder. If not all that, at least check if the folder is mounted and mount it if not already mounted. (I've already got the rsync script running.) I have no trouble mounting the folder using the...
  2. FaasteerCZ

    Question Is there a way for automatic export a Let's Encrypt certificate to a folder?

    Hello to everyone, I had a DS214 for many years and I was very happy with its features. But I needed more space and more disks, so I upgraded to DS918 + a few days ago. And because I try to make the most of my equipment, I also started using also the Docker and in it jacobalberty UniFi...
  3. fredbert

    Info Scheduled task - run script to your schedule

    A simple trick to adjust the scheduled run time of a script is to use the unix sleep command as the top of the script. Example: I have a script that copies files from one remote folder to another local one. The remote server creates the new files on each quarter hour. The files take just over a...
  4. M

    Question Task scheduler - script output

    Does anyone know how to get the output of a script into the task scheduler 'Run Result' window ? eg if I run a simple script that echoes 'Hello' in the terminal, I presume this is stdout ? Yet when run in Task Scheduler, both the 'Script:' and 'Standard output/error:' boxes are empty...
  5. M

    Trigger a script on safe mode

    I have a Unifi cloud key (as part of a UDM), a DS918, and a low end Cyberpower UPS attached via usb to the DS. The cloud key can have well documented database corruption issues if it loses power abruptly, so I'd like to run a shell script when the synology enters Safe Mode prior, prior to...
  6. D

    Update certs via script

    Hi, I followed this tutorial acmesh-official/ The only difference is that the certs are generated elsewhere, and just copied over to a folder on synology. Then - the script takes over and copies the cert files to all folders, services & reverse proxy. It seems to work fine for all...