1. P

    Windows search for network shares on Synology?

    I have various shared folders on our Synology NAS which are accessed by multiple windows PCs. I would like to be able to search the contents of the network shares via Windows' built-in search abilities. I would rather not have each individual PC index each of these shares, as this would need...
  2. tekguru

    Universal Search stuck...

    I've been prompted that there is an update for Office 365 backup, no problems there, but it says it needs me to run Universal Search before I can do the package update. However when I look to run Universal Search is sticks at 'Starting' and does not fully run. Any ideas how I can get this...
  3. C

    Use Universal Search for NextCloud

    I recently installed NextCloud 17 locally on my 918+. So far I'm very happy with it except it doesn't come with full text search out of the box. One needs to install a few NextCloud apps (easy enough) plus a Search Platform (Elastic Search is recommended). Installing Elastic Search on my DS...
  4. Imcon

    Universal Search wrong warning about privileges

    Reported to SynoSuport: Im logged to the DSM with admin privilegies. When I search for som econtant and then trying to open the file by downloading it, the Universal Search always shows messsage: Sorry, this user account has not been assigned proper privileges to perform this action. I ciuld...
  5. wwwampy

    What search engine do you use?

    I'm using mostly DuckDuckGo. So far I'm satisfied with it. Thank you for participating in the poll.
  6. SynoMan

    Guide Search engine

    For quick search you can use the Quick Search field on the forum front page: It's quick, but it searches only for the newest threads and thread titles only (not post content(!); the limit is 10 latest threads to show). If you haven't found what you're looking for, you can click the button...