1. A

    Getting Not Secure https on my home LAN

    Hi all every time I connect to my NAS via my home network Clients I am getting a warning that Your Connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your Information NET::ERR_ CERT_Authority_Invalid I have to click to get past being an unsafe connection, when I get past that I am...
  2. frankfenderbender

    on creating a secure access to link-rich website (template)

    Interested in setting up a r/o account to render the index.htm, local css, and local imagefiles. I cannot find any templates in any documentation, so will create one as I configure, code, and test a stepwise template. The site will have links to stream or download MP4s and MP3s, as well as to...
  3. tekguru

    Secure SignIn

    Initially, when I set up my NAS I used 2FA with the Microsoft Authenticator which works fine. Now when I look to set up 2FA for a user it looks like you have to use the Secure SignIn app? Am I correct in this or have I missed something somewhere?
  4. A

    Can I use Yubikey as a 2FA to secure my Synology NAS account?

    Hi All, I am trying to determine if a Yubikey could be used as an alternative the app for 2FA. Based on the Synology website: Which USB security keys does Secure SignIn Service support? I do see that 2 Yubico models are supported but I am unable to find exactly which 2 models they refer to...
  5. B

    Looking for a way for secure access to folder

    I'm considering adding a NAS for storing controlled but unclassified secure documents. We are a manufacturer and have a need to have production employees reference drawings on the NAS from the production floor. I'd like to: 1) use file explorer to navigate to a folder on the NAS from their...
  6. Nombus

    Secure, accessible geo backup

    Hey, wizards, I'm looking to complete my backup solution with a geographic backup. My goal is two-fold: If my house goes up in flames or my NAS A (DS920+ with 4x16TB) gets hacked by a super wizard, all my files are still safe off-site on destination B. My friend, who will host the destnation...
  7. S

    Tutorial Securing your Vaultwarden install

    Greetings... Finally a direct contribution to This Place, I would like to give some hints on making your Vaultwarden install a little more secure. I have the view that (a) my password manager is THE most important content in my digital life, and (b) I am by no means an expert in software or...