1. K

    preparation to sell Diskstation

    So, I'm going to sell my 218+. I pulled out the 2 REDs and they live in another NAS already. Do I have to do anything else before selling it except blowing out the dust? I mean to do sth (reset maybe?) so the unit to be ready to be used from an non experienced person as if it was new.
  2. RoCaRay

    Selling Synology D5 (x8) and D6 (x10) Drive Trays (USA)

    D5: Eight(8) drive trays, lightly used, very good condition. Does NOT include Synology-logo original packaging. Does NOT include hardware for mounting 2.5" HDDs / SSDs. $25 for 8 drive trays (new price is $7 each) D6: Ten(10) drive trays, some lightly used, some never used. Excellent...
  3. Jheroen

    Sell storage to clients, what to use?

    Hi everyone, I am thinking of renting / selling disk space to customers. Think of private users as backup for their computer / laptop / mobile device but also of small to medium-sized companies as backup for server / NAS / Office365 / G Workspace etc. An (extra) offsite backup is also possible...
  4. AdrianEarnshaw

    Selling DS1819+

    I am in the process of selling my 1819+ (personal reasons), it's only 14 month old, UK based. I am open to sensible offers but thought I would give you good folks first dibs before I post it elsewhere. Cheers
  5. RoCaRay

    Selling DS3617xs with E10G18-T1 10Gbps Ethernet Adapter (U.S. Only)

    Purchased new less than one year ago. Used in a clean home office environment. All manufacturer supplied packaging and accessories are included. Also includes a Synology E10G18-T1 10Gbps Ethernet Adapter (Installed). For sale by owner on Amazon U.S. for $1875.00. Amazon's 100% Satisfaction...
  6. SynoMan

    Info Read me first - Bartertown rules!

    The Bartertown forum is a place to offer personal used IT items only. Commercial listings are not allowed! All new threads must be approved by our staff members first. #1 What can I do in Bartertown forum? #2 What can I sell? #3 Can I link my offer to another site? #4 How to post a...