shared folder sync

  1. D

    7.x update - troublesome if using Cloudsync & Hyperbackup, shared folder sync w/6.x unit?

    How risky/troublesome is this update on a system (DS218+) that is doing cloudsync and hyperbackup, and has some folders synced w/a DS212+ that is not upgradeable to 7? I'm in no hurry to update to 7.x, but also want to have an idea of how much work it may be when I do. In particular, I'm using...
  2. G

    DSM 7.0 Shared folder sync from older DSM

    Hi, First of all, sorry for my bad english/translations. I use DSM in other language, so error and messages are my translations and might not exactly correspond with original english ones. First I synced shared folders from DS1813+ (DSM 6.1.7) to RS2421+ (DSM 7.0). And it went fine. Now i...
  3. P

    shared folder sync

    My question is with regards to Remote Snapshot Replication, rsync & Shared Sync Folder. NAS01 - OfficeA NAS02 - OfficeB Goal is to sync a shared folder "projects" from OfficeA to OfficeB 1. Synology Shared Sync Server - connection established using public ip (DDNS) and port forwarding. This...
  4. S

    Shared Folder Sync Error

    I have two Synology NAS devices. One has been backing up to the other for a couple of years. When I connected to the server, I saw this error. My "master" is called Media. The backup is Media2. When I look at Media2, it appears to have all the data, even recently added data, from Media. I...
  5. Telos

    Shared Folder Sync... Server Status Unknown

    The subject pretty much covers things. Evert time I open Shared Folder Sync I see this... But as I grabbed this screenshot Shared Folder Sync has been running for the past 4 hours... so there should be no question about server status. Why is this? Thanks!